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RA MA TV – Video Collection – Guru Jagat

Guru Jagat

Practice with the Founder of RA MA Institute. Guru Jagat’s classes include dynamic Dharma talks and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.
Experience more Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes taught
by Guru Jagat in the RA MA TV Golden Archives.
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Guru Jagat
1 hr 32 min

Lock into Your Dharma Practice

Mul Mantra – Architects of Sound, Class 1

The meditative accomplishment inserts into your psycho magnetic field and your subtle body. You take that with you when you traverse into different stages of your incarnational experience. It's something that goes with you. And when it starts to embed into your subtle body, the sound current starts to raise the baseline frequency of the radiant body. And that's why when you participate in something like this (40 day Long Ek On Kars), and have these kinds of spiritual plateaus...welcome to your spiritual practice. It's called a spiritual plateau. You're going to have moments of revelation and then who knows how long it will be before you hit the next oasis. That's why we call it practice.

That's the thought-form. You question why you're doing it.

It's not just a privilege, to be able to practice your dharma and your spiritual practice. It's literally the only thing. And if you look at it this way, and if you start to relate with it this way, it's the only thing that you have to lock into. And if you start to relate with it, you start to see its preciousness and relate within its preciousness, then everything else is going to come in order.

Tune In (27:30)  and 11-minute Kundalini Yoga Set: Glandular Balance and Gain Energy with Mul Mantra Recitation. Continue with Kundalini Set: Healthy Bowel System.  Chase the Arcline 11-Minute Meditation with Mul Mantra. (1:16:00)

From the series, Architects of Sound: Mul Mantra 1 of 6

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