Digital Bundles

Upgrade your practice

Complete with fitness workouts, dreamy meditations and pranayams, to business and prosperity tips—these videos & collections contain everything necessary to enhance your 3D reality.

Upgrade your practice

Complete with fitness workouts, dreamy meditations and pranayams, to business and prosperity tips—these videos & collections contain everything necessary to enhance your 3D reality.

Elevate your experience with curated sets of classes and workshops from RA MA’s vast library. These digital bundles include videos available to stream on your schedule on unlimited replay.


Take 50% off RA MA Digital Bundles now through January 8, 2023. Experience accelerated transformation through these short series – all available to stream on-demand with unlimited replay.
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new bundles

Architects of Sound:
Ajai Alai

Guru Jagat's 8-class series from 2015. Exclusive bundle.

Beauty, Magnetism & Radiance

Amplify your complete and total health from the inside out.

Ten Body Fitness

Short practices to cleanse and reboot your system.

Elevated Aliveness
with Atma Santokh

Active yoga to strengthen the body, mind and spirit.

Architects of Sound:
Sat Nam

Guru Jagat's 7-class series from 2014. Exclusive bundle.

Heart Centered Holy Days
with Guru Jagat

Focus on the family, hearth, and healing of old wounds.

Aquarian Astrology

Select Astro sessions with Guru Jagat, Tashi Powers and Ricky Williams.

Esoteric Expansion

Featured sessions from RA MA Mystery School.

Best of Camp Grace
with Guru Jagat

Highlights from 2016 - 2021 Camp Grace retreats.

Mind, Body, Spirit:
Holiday Healing Bundle

Activate your own healing energy with Shabadpreet.

Sex, Love, Relationships 3.0
with Guru Jagat

New curated sessions from Guru Jagat's stellar teachings.

Love: Altitude & Alchemy

Self-Love, Partner Love and Heart Opening practices.

RA MA Crew Picks

Original Sound with Gurujas

A 4-session series on Sound Current, Mantra, Naad in Kundalini Technology

Graceful Communication with Pritam Siri

Magnetize yourself, your sound and radiate into and within the Universe in this 3-workshop bundle.

Prosperity Patterns with Mandev

Create a new pattern for expansion and success in this 4-class bundle on Prosperity teachings.

RA MA Crew Picks: Guru Jagat Bundle #1

Direct from RA MA Yatra & Camp Grace


RA MA Crew Picks: Guru Jagat Bundle #2

Business, Healing, Astrology & More

Relay Arts with Guru Jagat & Harijiwan

Masculine, Feminine, Sacred Union

Guru Jagat Beach Mexico

Relay Arts with Guru Jagat & Harijiwan #2

Love & Relationships


Yogic Science Academy: Bandhas

6-Class Series with Guru Jagat. Unlock your infinite energy.


Yogic Science Academy: Vayus

6-Class series with Guru Jagat on the power and intelligence of the breath.


Solstice Rebirthing with Guru Jagat

4 Workshops of Deep Practice

AWLS Gathering

AWLS Gathering Workshops

Selections from the 2019 Retreat


RA MA Crew Picks: Harijiwan

Journey to the Naga Shakti realms rebirthing workshops.


RA MA Crew Picks: Esoterica

Activate the archetypes within you.


Harijiwan at RA MA Festival

Exclusive from 2019-2020 Solstice events.


RA MA Crew Picks: Gurujas

Experience your infinity.


Interstellar Stamina

Optimal vitality from the inside-out.

Future of Fitness Workout 2 with Guru Jagat

High Fidelity Physicality

Everything a workout should be.

Future of Fitness Workout 1 with Guru Jagat

Maximum Potential

The latest Future of Fitness

Future of Fitness Workout 3 with Guru Jagat

Get all 3 Future of Fitness sessions: x3 Ultimate Output

Women's Teachings

Immense Grace Starter Pack

Three workshops to jump-start your Immense Grace journey.

16X Exponent Feminity

Get breakthroughs in your self-concept as a Woman.

radiant body

Radiant Body Reboot

For that “can’t-look-away” magnetic quality.

Kundalini Basics


Elements of Sound: Naad Arts

Sound Codes, Gurmukhi & Mantra with Gurujas and Guru Jagat


Prosperity Upgrade

Meet RA MA’s most-loved prosperity meditations.

kundalini yoga

Kundalini 101

Daily practice essentials for beginners to seasoned practitioners.

Nourish Cleanse

Nourish Practice Bundle

Upgrade your health with restorative and cleansing yoga

Mental Curing

Fast-track your personal growth and achieve true fulfillment.