Yogic Science Academy: The Vayus


An encyclopedic journey through the pranic body and the Vayus with Guru Jagat. Discover the power and the intelligence of breath and the “inner winds” in this 6-class series. Learn about the Vayus, different frequencies and types of breath and motion within the body. Use Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to harness these inherent powers.

  1. Into the Vayus
  2. Winds of Change: Three Vayu Energies
  3. In the Pocket: Go Deeper, Experience the Vayus
  4. Even Breath for a Sane Life
  5. Songs of Victory: Mantra + Naad
  6. Kundalini Ever Rising: Final Session on the Vayus

Length: 8.5+ Hours
Originally Presented in 2018
Virtually on RA MA TV + Infinite Repaly

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Yogic Science Academy: The Vayus
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