RA MA Business School: Business, Commerce, Creativity


New Discoveries: Business, Commerce, Creativity & Success in the Aquarian Age

Guru Jagat, Tej, and a curated panel of business experts lead an interactive course on the insights and strategies you need to achieve creative success in the Aquarian Age.


  • New Discoveries, Teachings and Practices from the Archives
  • Concentrated Training Hours with Guru Jagat
  • Remove Blocks + Cultivate Your Highest Vision with Tej
  • Genius & Success Panel featuring Shiva Rose, Kristin Prouty, Senior Vice President at WWE; Erika Rose of Friends at Work
  • Creating a Brand Culture featuring Cara Thomas
  • Social Media and Business with Robindra Mohar of ItsTimetoBloom


  1. The Spirit of Genius with Tej
  2. Magnificent Mantra: Success Activation & Cash Manifestation
  3. Success is a Cosmic Law: Prepare to Embody Success with Guru Jagat
  4. Q&A with former CEO of Manduka Yoga Mats Sky Metzler
  5. Business Talk with Guru Jagat
  6. Aquarian Brand Culture with founder of Serenflipity, Cara Thomas
  7. Platinum & Gold: The Millionaire & Billionaire Mantras with Guru Jagat
  8. Magnificent Mantra: Prosperity Meditation
  9. Blue Water: Flow of Creativity with Guru Jagat
  10. Subagh Kriya: Prosperity Activation
  11. Business Dharma Study with Guru Jagat
  12. Genius & Success Panel: Women Business Leaders
  13. Radiant Leadership with Tej
  14. Radiant Leadership Part 2 with Tej
  15. Learn from the Greats: Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with Gurujas
  16. The Business Power Lunch: To Be Effective in Business with Guru Jagat
  17. The Social Media Download: Exposure, Revenue & the Spread of Ideas & Positivity with Robindra Mohar
  18. Be the Altar: Creative Continuity and the Flow of Genius with Tej

Originally presented May 4-7, 2017 now available on-demand with unlimited replay.

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RA MA Business School: Business, Commerce, Creativity
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