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Hi I'm Guru Jagat. I'm the founder of RA MA Institute where expression, creativity, wellness, and brass tacks pragmatics all live in harmony – my definition of a life well lived.


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In these essential (and complimentary!) videos you’ll do practices and meditations that’ll give you the vitality and prosperity to live the life of your dreams.

The Intelligence Meditation

Add this to your daily routine & see what results it can bring.

The Future of Fitness

The most intelligent workout imaginable.

Left Nostril Breath

Calm your mind & stop compulsivity in its tracks.


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Follow along with Guru Jagat’s latest classes on RA MA TV.

Deep feminine work

Explore a new definition, a new language, a new beingness, a new love, body and expression of Woman in this oncoming Era of the Golden Consciousness of humanity.

This is Immense Grace

Deep and integral Women’s training for the leaders of this New Millennium.

The Language of Destiny

Inspiring teachings to keep your needle pointed toward destiny.

Accelerate Your Fulfillment

Optimize your life using self-psychology & other technologies.

Meditation is your civic duty.

Guru Jagat is a speaker & best-selling author. Here’s where you can get to know more.


Enjoy these curated experiences for your deepening and transformation.

The New Frontier of Endurance

Change your perception to face life’s toughest challenges, no matter how heavy it feels.

Pre-Solstice Booster Class

Practice this simple, powerful, energizing yoga class to prime yourself for the Summer Solstice.

The Business of You

Let’s talk Aquarian Branding, time & money management, & more business musings.


Reality Riffing

Listen to Guru Jagat’s talk show for free-flowing conversations on miraculous living, cutting-edge mysticism, pop culture, activism & more. 

Guru Jagat on Tour

Check out Guru Jagat’s globe-trotting tour schedule & hang with us in a city near (or not-so-near) you. 


Meet your future you now

Shop Guru Jagat’s debut collection of meditatively-charged fashion. 


Robotic Disaster

Super soft, upcycled all gender meditative StreetWear by Guru Jagat.


RA MA YATRA presents Lemurian Crystalline Central Earth Experience Mount Shasta August 10-14, 2020—
⚜️Daily trips to sacred power spots
⚜️Daily activated yoga & meditation
⚜️Sacred water soaking
⚜️Fresh & Alive Nature

Limited space Registration in Links

#ramayatra #gurujagat #mountshasta

LIVE today on @realityriffing : Jaymie Icke, son of the legendary thought leader David Icke, and CEO of Ickonic Media Group.
On the premiere day of Jaymie’s new film, Unnatural, we’ll be taking an eyes-wide-open look at the AI, the technocratic panopticon, 5G, and the individual’s role in breathing more humanity into this new, computerized age.
Hear it first on RA MA TV Community Content.
Friday July 10, 2020
4:00 pm Pacific 7:00 pm Eastern 12:00 am + 1 day UTC
#realityriffing #gurujagat #jaymieicke #ickonicmedia #davidicke #unaturalfilm

Let History Record ⚜️
#ramainstitute #harijiwan #yogibhajan

Lemurian Crystalline Central Earth Experience August 10-14, 2020 Mount Shasta, California

Very limited space •

#ramayatra #gurujagat #mountshasta #lemurian •

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The Visionary’s Room {the last two were sold out & so we are having a third!} — 3 intensive days of small group work with me on your VISION + CREATION + BUSINESS — July 8-10, 2020 .
Participate anywhere in the world — several spots left .
Email [email protected] .
#visionarysroom #gurujagat #parliamentofvictory #ramabusinessschool

Limited Edition {infinite truth} •

@gurujagat_collection #ramafestival #ramalife •

Photo @jotisurprem