RA MA TV Collections

What you’ll find here: essential classes and daily practices designed to fit into your everyday routine. Create your playlist, or try a new kriya or meditation.

Watch the latest RA MA TV Classes. New content added daily.

New to RA MA TV? This crash course with Guru Jagat is where you’ll learn about the postures, mudras and mantras you’ll see over and over again in your practice. 

These videos are designed to form the backbone to your daily RA MA TV routine. Each practice delivers its own special effect, so you’ll always have exactly what you need at your fingertips

Meet RA MA TV’s most-loved prosperity meditations. Pick one or two to do every day, then watch as more material resources and high-vibration opportunities flow into your life.

Whether you’re new to the scene or it’s time for a refresher, use these videos to unlock the treasures living inside this technology and charge up your daily practice.

Clases de Kundalini Yoga y Meditación en español enseñadas por nuestros maestros y miembros de la comunidad. Cubriremos todos los conceptos básicos del Kundalini Yoga al igual que clases especiales para obtener resultados específicos. Practica con nosotros!

This collection is perfect for anyone who appreciates occult curiosities, the complex science of spirituality to U.F.O. conspiracies and more. 

Practice these extra active classes to break a sweat, reset your glands and feel more energized within minutes.

Move to mantra music. A subtle, powerful technology for activating the Human Sensory System & relieving stress. 

Our lunar-themed experiences are designed to work in harmony with the energy of the moon to take your practice to the next level. Inside: total solar eclipses, full & new moons, supermoons and secret secretion practices galore.

Expecting moms and new moms–experience the wealth of teachings by Yogi Bhajan specifically for pregnancy and motherhood. 

Mikal Vega is a 22 year veteran and former Navy Seal who suffered acute symptoms of PTSD for many years. After exploring a variety of options, Mikal found Kundalini Yoga, which helped him restore peace and balance to his life. Practice with him here.

Workout the physical body, rejuvenate the mind, and get a healthy glandular glow, all with these complete yoga sets that easily fit into your day. 

Enjoy these supplements for your brain: potent, fast-acting meditations packed with vital breath and mantras to bring your mind the relaxation it needs today.