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Practice with the founder and CEO of RA MA Institute.

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Guru Jagat
1 hr 20 min

In Case of Emergency

Tuning into your soul with regal yoga.

"O what you are talking about Kundalini class is one hour forget they will be new. Come on folks move balance. It is brain being balanced, not the body. Body is a help. Move, move, breath of fire. Hey there is nothing outside of you, it is you & you alone. Disease is you health is you, sex is you, impotency is you, creativity is you destruction is you, mood is you, rude is you, come on. Move, move, move..." - Yogi Bhajan

Rajasic is the royal guna, tamasic is the heavy or dense one & the most animalistic one. The soul has a royal component & so, for example, the food recommended in kundalini yoga is sattvic with a little bit of rajas (onion, garlic, ginger, chili, etc.). That's how we'd like you to be.

Don't worry but do your best to prepare. You just do your absolute best & don't worry about the results! Detachment from the result is an essential yogic quality.

Satisfaction really only comes from knowing you tried your very best.

Yogi Bhajan said of the partition refugee escape he & his family went through that they had nothing to eat but beans, but they weren't suffering. Because suffering is when you lose faith in yourself.

Basically our biggest problem as a world is that women are bitchy to other women, in their own & to other generations. Yogi Bhajan said women are the ones who oppress women & it's true. By the way, the facade of leisure class femininity in antiquity has convinced everyone femininity means weakness, but women are actually 16x stronger than men (according to Yogi Bhajan), & are highly capable at organizing resources & rolling their sleeves up & getting their hands dirty.

Householder preparedness. You want to always be prepared (the Girl Scout motto!) for natural & other disasters. Every household needs emergency supplies (long-term food, water, safety blankets, lots of cash in case electric grids go down, etc.) as well as emergency plans that the whole family is trained on. Everyone should be trained in things like CPR, what to do in emergencies, self-defense, deescalation, how to handle environmental emergencies if driving, etc. & to be prepared materially for them. Hooking into your neighbors & community pods for resources & helping them. We are truly all always in it together. Everyone also needs wills, living wills/advance directives, photocopies of important documents, fire extinguishers, hand-crank AM/FM radios, flashlights, flares/generators/water tanks if possible, etc. You don't need a bunker but put your basement to good use! Get emergency checklists & make sure you're as covered as is reasonable. As yogis, we plug into life & are as prepared for the future in a positive way as possible. You should feel good about taking care of yourself & your family & neighbors & community in this way.

People joke about prepping for "the big one" (as in earthquakes), but you need to be prepared. Red Cross & other organizations have tons of resources for this as an accessible starting point, but there are also great emergency preparedness guides to prepare for more than 72 hours of supplies, which you should do if at all possible. Check your city guides for emergency management guides online, as well. Share your wisdom with your neighbors! It's very important to have savings & stockpiles. And it's very easy to miss essential information, like what can cause poisoning or fire.

You need four layers of protection. One way to look at that could be: personal protection (things you should always have on your body, like pepper spray, whistles, tasers, Swiss army knife, medical ID tags, epipens, etc.), car protection (kits for snow like foil blankets, kitty litter & spare tires), household supplies, & "get out of house" & "get home" bags. Why risk not having things like snow chains or personal/household alarms?

Heavy prayers for the crisis in Texas.

"You cannot create results. You can only create conditions in which something might happen." - Anne Bogart

"We are a feelingless people. If we could really feel, the pain would be so great that we would stop all the suffering. If we could feel that one person every six seconds dies of starvation...we would stop it...If we could really feel it in the bowels, the groin, in the throat, in the breast, we would go into the streets & stop the war, stop slavery, stop the prisons, stop the killing, stop destruction." - Julian Beck

“Anticipating problems & figuring out how to solve them is actually the opposite of worrying: it’s productive...Competence means keeping your head in a crisis, sticking with a task even when it seems hopeless, & improvising good solutions to tough problems when every second counts. It encompasses ingenuity, determination & being prepared for anything...My shorthand for it is 'thinking like an astronaut.'”
― Chris Hadfield, An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth

Guru Jagat
1 hr 25 min

O Venus, As She Smiles Among Us

A special Venus Gate class.

As a yogi, you have a reflexive relationship with the stars. Not only does their energy affect you (like giant crystals), but your energy affects them.

Venus gates are “Kumari kisses,” when the moon & Venus are conjunct. They are gates to amplify love & harmony.

Astrology can be confusing because there are many different types of systems. One way to begin to look at it is that they refer to different things in the known universe. There are lots of interesting ways to think about things & it’s always good to open up the mind with new ideas as long as you don’t get too confused. You’re not obligated to learn about astrology if you don’t want to; the whole point of yoga is to command energy. Basic astrological definition helps but it’s got absolutely nothing on you living a positive, fulfilled, happy, functional life.

Negativity is completely irrational!

There are infinite opportunities everywhere. You don’t need to be anything but a realist, which gives you optimism if your eyes are open. “Love & light” was a pretty obnoxious New Age shorthand for peoples’ excitement & satisfaction at the relief of realizing & reach group consciousness around everything’s gonna be okay. You can be more sober & real than that.

People have some really stupid ideas about relationship. Please normalize common sense & empathy. You’re allowed to keep yourself safe & you should also be trying to uplift everybody & anybody. People make good decisions when they feel good about themselves & their purest desires are good.

Obviously, everyone brings their personal issues into politics so politics are a terrible way to find connection. You’ve got to use common sense everywhere. Everyone’s sacred. Relate to their soul instead of their politicking. Until we have emotional intelligence we will always have combative discourse. Be firm when you need to be, be polite, be straightforward & most importantly, be nice!

Guru Jagat
1 hr 24 min

How to Love

Sex, Love, & Kundalini

Everybody knows love is the point of life, but Yogi Bhajan coined another term, “scientific love,” to purify the incredibly toxic animalistic love of the New Age that began in the 1960s & still unfortunately has a strong holdover today. (Refer to his best quote: “People of new age confused, people of personal essence perfect.”)

There are all kinds of love & it’s important to be appropriate to the specific relationship. Things like age are important; we’re not just souls, we’re in human bodies & it is inappropriate to not acknowledge our human existence. Therefore there’s appropriate & different ways to love everyone, from an acquaintance to a grandma to a romantic interest.

Your own specificity in life matters too. Cycles of consciousness change as you grow up & there’s different ways to treat yourself as you get older, & life cycles are helpful to know when you’ll go through particularly challenging times.

A yogi commands time, so we use moments ‘away from’ time to gain energy to step out of cycles. In classic Indian philosophy, there’s the triplicate of karmic cycles & then the fourth way, Dharma, stands above it.

In your life, things will always be changing so you don’t just want things to be calm & pretty all the time; you also need the ability to catch up or jump ahead or deal with crisis. However, you also need to be on top of yourself & prepare as much as possible. “For every external move, you need to make an internal move.” - Harijiwan

Guru Jagat
1 hr 19 min

American Aura

Yoga & meditation for relaxation.

Study the Masters by Lucille Clifton
“she dreamed too, words:
some cherokee, some masai and some huge and particular as hope.
if you had heard her
chanting as she ironed
you would understand form and line
and discipline and order and

Focusing on your strengths instead of your weaknesses (positive psychology). Your aura carries incarnational accomplishment.

Yogi Bhajan said he understood the American character more than anyone, saying America was a spiritual country with amazing karma where no one could spell. In many ways he single-handedly made America liveable for us in the future. He said Americans are always-already responsible for everything that happens in rest of the world because we’re the ones who divided it up & conquered it in the first place. He said immigrants are the only reason the country functions & each generation gets lazier until the 7th are alcoholics. (“The first generation works their fingers to the bone making things, the next generation goes to college & innovates new ideas, the third generation snowboards & takes improv classes.” - Jack Donaghy)

We have a lot of responsibility & there’s a momentum of strength we can ride the wave of. Enjoying the ride.

Derrida said America is the only country where people will effectively hold a gun to your head & demand your opinion on the spot about anything at all. Baudrillard’s book “America” & deToqueville’s “Democracy in America” are also fascinating in understanding the impact of American media (Hollywood) & our particular flavor of democracy (valuing mediocrity to a fault).

Yogi Bhajan said America would always be the place of spiritual freedom—the right to practice whatever religion you want. We just want everyone to be happy, prosperous & get along. The future is about restorative/preventative/rehabilitative justice, sustainability/regeneration & integrative holistic health care. He said we are “learning to live lightly” as a country.

“All societies end up wearing masks.” - Baudrillard

“We are very unusual people who absolutely want to live our life happily.” - Yogi Bhajan