Guru Jagat

Practice with the founder and CEO of RA MA Institute.

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Guru Jagat
1 hr 19 min

Surfing the Information Superhighway

Yoga for intelligence & clear cognition.

Counter-counter intelligence. In an age of great information & disinformation, you need the intelligence meditation to help you build neural pathways in the brain that are useful in sorting information.

The sheer amount of information that the human brain has to metabolize in one day is the equivalent to 74 G of data. That’s the equivalent of 16 movies & what a well-educated person would have processed in an entire lifetime 500 years ago. (And the number raises 5% every year—Bohn & Short, “Measuring Consumer Information”).

“Attention deficit disorder” developed as a diagnosis in the modern era when attention become the necessary antidote to increasing information due to the rise of technology.

To cope, the human brain develops such practices as as selective attention, so it’s useful to practice slowing down, trying something new, or trying to absorb as much as possible about one particular subject—in a conversation, a lecture, etc. Plus, it’s good to practice taking the same news story & checking lots of variant sources about it—they will all always say vastly different things.

Critical thinking + intuition + attention + empathy = clear-mindedness, or intelligence. For your chi to be moving, you have to circulate. The facts are always beyond language, so people just describe one limb of the elephant, as it were.

You should simplify, streamline & budget your input to what you can handle.

On the innate brilliance & capacity of children.

Guru Jagat
1 hr 52 min

Aquarian Consciousness, Power, & Experiential Sensitivity

“Most schooling is training for stupidity & conformity, & that's institutional, but occasionally you get a spark, somebody'll challenge your mind, make you think & so on, & that has a tremendous effect you just reach all sorts of people. Of course if you do it, you may very have problems, you have to tread the narrow line. There are plenty of people who don't want students to think, they're afraid of the crisis of democracy. If people start thinking you get all these problems that I quoted before. They won't have enough humility to submit to a civil rule or they'll start trying to press their demands in the political arena & have ideas of their own, instead of believing what they're told. And privilege & power typically doesn't want that & so they react.” - Noam Chomsky

The Piscean Age is already over but it doesn't realize it's dead yet.

Knowledge comes out of experiential wisdom, so the marker of status in the Piscean Age was if you could comprehend the experience in a lexical way, because that was the signifier you understood what you understand.

Now we're in the Aquarian Age, & all of the Yogi Bhajan teachings are just markers for you to identify the most sensitized places in you because they come out of pure consciousness, & then to move from that caliber. That's the purpose of "learning."

A lot of Hollywood movies are screened & funded by the Pentagon & so forth (Transformers, etc.) to push an agenda of violence onto the public. We would like to deconstruct the global war machine.

Yoga & meditation allows you to have a sorting mechanism for the mega-information.

Guru Jagat
1 hr 26 min

Kundalini Reading Room

Keep tight & practice now more than ever.

It’s a very valuable time to get yoga & meditation out to children, because they are the future. Yogi Bhajan said in the 1990s that he was very worried about the coming children, because we really have to make spaces for them that feel safe, sensitive & subtle, because we are responsible for these increasingly very sensitive souls. Early on he said that if we raise the vibration (which people did) enough, we’d have gods & goddesses incarnating from the cusp of the Aquarian Age on.

They (like everyone in a human body) actually need this understanding of how to care for & maintain the human system, & it’s our responsibility to continue keeping up the mission of getting this peace & purity out to all of humankind.

You have to have your own intuition; Yogi Bhajan said it was the purpose of all the sadhana, yoga classes, workshops, camps & trainings. From there you can very easily see what's good & where to go. It should be as clear as daylight what's going on. Then you need strength, forgiveness, endurance & tolerance to just participate, uplift & make things better.
"They have found a secret. They have found a secret to enlarge their halo so their brightness can attract all the opportunities & they can have prosperity...Opportunities will come to you, you don’t have to chase after them. Am I clear?...
Happiness is equal to your endurance with applied intelligence over consciousness. It's a formula. It will never be any other way. H = E + AI/C." - Yogi Bhajan