Guru Jagat

Practice with the founder and CEO of RA MA Institute.

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Guru Jagat
1 hr 22 min

Calm 20/20

It's a very interesting time to be alive.

As a yogi, you participate in your own civic rights, but you don't get worked up or try to force your opinions on anyone else. We're very fortunate to be in the Aquarian Age--we've graduated past all the drama in the 1960s & so on, where there was zero self-respect in participating in reshaping societal structure. Yogi Bhajan said Osho was an absolute idiot for creating the 'Wild Wild Country' scenario, where people got all riled up & weren't just nice, normal, sane, strong, flexible people. They reacted in trying to change society & it completely backfired.

We are not doing that. A yogi is someone who is mentally flexible, happily participates in life, & responds to time instead of reacting to it.

Kundalini yoga is a householder's yoga because logically, it doesn't make sense to be divided from society (purely logistically, if everyone were celibate, the human race would die out). It's always helpful to leverage as much common sense & nervous system/pineal gland secretion as you possibly can.

Your empowerment comes from following your conscious intuition, which would never tell you to be violent, passive, rude, or demeaning; & your strength comes from your physical yoga practice & meditative stability of mind. That all lets you help create a future that is original & not based on recreating collective failures from the past.

It's all simple & possible.

"It put me to shame that a human in centuries have not understood there is a cause & effect. We have cause & effect to each other, we are not superior to anybody. We are not superior to anybody, we are not inferior to anybody. That's all. That's all you have to learn. Neither you are superior nor you are inferior. Nor you are good, nor you are bad. You are just you. If a person can realize just that thing, then entire nature will serve that person. Things will happen automatically. Prosperity will come to you...

This ego loses all amigos. And person become so lonely, I mean, sometime these things work. Your tricks will work. But later on, they will get you...

The temperament which is beyond temptation, temperament which is beyond insult, temperament is beyond praise, temperament is which is make you always to understand deeply that this planet earth is temporary & you are here to do good. And you do good in spite of all worst hell get loose. You do good...It is that mastery of the self, the temperamental mastery of the self that you have a grace, which has a face. Majority of the people are faceless...Temperament is a precise projection of the human...Master has a mastery over control of his temperament...

And I used to tell him, 'What is this Bhagwaan business? What are you doing? You are not God.' He said, 'No, no. It works.'
I said, 'It's not going to work. It's not going to work.'" - Yogi Bhajan, October 11, 1996