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RA MA TV – Video Collection – Guru Jagat

Guru Jagat

Practice with the Founder of RA MA Institute. Guru Jagat’s classes include dynamic Dharma talks and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.
Experience more Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes taught
by Guru Jagat in the RA MA TV Golden Archives.
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Guru Jagat
1 hr 26 min

Happy Baby, Happy Life!

Yogic Parenting Tips

On the 120th day of pregnancy after conception (day one), you call in the high soul. From then on, the mother can completely purify the subtle body of the baby through meditation.

There are three factors that influence the soul choosing your womb: it can be the soul’s choice, the parents’ desire, or the desire of the universal consciousness we call God. Any two can outweigh one.

The first 40 days after birth should be sacred (at home, cared-for, no technology at all). Until 3, the child’s aura doesn’t really separate from the mother’s aura. Put only good sounds into the baby’s arcline. “Rogan Tay” helps fix any issues in utero.

This is a special class celebrating the 120th day of a community member’s pregnancy. This is about the mother. You make her aura really big. It’s a beacon of high souls and you want the soul you have the highest covenant with to come into the body.
Do yoga to create expanded space. Get other good kundalini technology in this class for pregnancy through the first 40 days after birth. Learn about the development of the ego and the sound ring. It is a primary recording and we have technology that can go back into that sound ring and re-record something better. Work with the Rogan Tay mantra in this class to change your prenatal patterns.

Tune into other great yogic tips for parenting and bringing high souls onto the planet.

Experience an Adi Shakti meditation in class which is great if you are having a boy but also powerful in general.

 Global RA MA Meditations: Intelligence Meditation and Addiction Meditation: (21:38), a yoga set (39:46) including the lunge posture. Stretch and take in the Akal mantra (52:09) to help the high souls move. Adi Shakti meditation (1:09:43) for the primal power of the mother.

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