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Guru Jagat

Practice with the Founder of RA MA Institute. Guru Jagat’s classes include dynamic Dharma talks and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.
Experience more Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes taught
by Guru Jagat in the RA MA TV Golden Archives.
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Guru Jagat
1 hr 20 min

Intro to Parapsychology Part II

Remember your Elemental Personality.

In Part I, we learned what exactly parapsychology is.

In this class, dive deeper into how we can readily and skillfully move unwanted thought forms and patterns out of our orbit altogether. The essence of parapsychology is mirrored in the essence of the spiritual path: we see and feel life deeply, but we do not react it. This is one of the fundamental parapsychological skills that we develop through our practice and will allows us to sprinkle more humor and light-heartedness into our journey through life.

Instructions to cut through your thought form with the Intelligence meditation: direct the movement of the planets Jupiter and Saturn into the thought form that’s bothering you. Focus your fingers on separating the insecurity with intension and move it out of your orbit.

This class will help you sophisticate your ability to move the thought form out of your orbit all together. Pay attention to when you’re in a neurotic thought form and go look in the mirror. You can use the different parts of your personality to be very enjoyable and productive. Every time you react to your life, that reaction is arrested in your face. Over time those reactions are calcified in your face and all your energetic bodies. As a yogic scientist you develop the skill to catch the patterns. Become humorous about it. See it, feel it but don’t react to it.

2021 Intelligence meditation (3:48) & addiction meditation (38:02) + Kundalini yoga (43:22) to practice moving the thought form. Meditation (56:16) and imagine your head as a crystal ball.


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