Guru Jagat

Practice with the founder and CEO of RA MA Institute.

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Guru Jagat
1 hr 49 min

The Attitude of Gratitude is the Highest Yoga

“As I fill my notebook with phonetic spellings I lament the loss of my innocence. Why can’t I just have sweet chats with the tea-shop boys? Or repeat the number of siblings I have? Or ask, ‘can I take your photograph?’ No. I am infected with the desire to grasp meanings, which makes it difficult to keep things simple. And any language makes a home for those who speak it…" - Karen Connelly
Wisdom is different from knowledge. Wisdom comes from knowledge + experience, because knowledge without experience is just gibberish.

Your brain is essentially meat with electricity running through it, so of course people have different ways to create meaning. We want you to at least understand what Yogi Bhajan meant, which apparently very few people do.

The rest of the world thinks the 'first world' is out of its mind for not being absurdly grateful for everything. It's our job to use our immense blessings & privilege, & help others.

"What are you without gratitude?...

Love cannot be defined. What can be defined is not love. If God can be defined, it's not God, but both can be experienced...

Intelligence & intellects are my Chinese ball: I play with them. There's no big deal. I'm rational, irrational. I can create & un-create. My mind, it has no...I have built my mind to have no horizons. My mind is horizonless. So anarchy is my friend. And I see in that anarchy...anarchy, when it is practiced, it is called 'anarchy', when it is realized it is called 'Infinity.' And that's what God is." - Yogi Bhajan

Make a list of all the things that you're grateful for.

Guru Jagat
1 hr 47 min

Understanding Gratitude

Working on becoming grateful for everything!

Prosperity, success & just living a good life all come from being grateful for what we have.

"There's no logic in the negative." - Harijiwan

We can't change the past, but we can change the future.

Time is a gift; space is an opportunity; & these teachings are an unimaginable treasure trove for humanity to use, delve into, & solve problems with the intelligence & understanding therein.

Especially with the pressure of social media & the pandemic, we have to each decide & understand how to direct our individual energy in the most efficient way possible to help others & serve. Not everyone can do everything & everyone has a "zone of genius" where they can help most effectively. Yogi Bhajan said "dharma" is when the hours go by & you lose yourself in your work; it's essentially a "flow state," or doing what you enjoy & what you're simultaneously gifted at.

He also said "fear of obligation" is a major hurdle. You're not obligated to do anything, so listen to your internal guidance system. The example he gave was picking your friends up from somewhere. He said basically, will they die if you don't? Be direct; use a little common sense & apply some discernment when you direct your own energy field. Another term for this is "idiot compassion" (Chogyam Trungpa) where you give to people because you feel like you have to, without considering if it's necessary or a good idea.

This is also why we're into the warrior-saint archetype; we do not want you to be pushovers or spineless. It takes courage to protect yourself. "Not to bow down to wrong pressure...No one shall walk over you, but no one who needs you will be deprived of your strength."

Guru Jagat
1 hr 33 min

Amor Destiny

Amor Destiny: love of one’s destiny.

Holding the routine sacred. A daily, householder practice is the highest practice.

You having a steady yoga & meditation practice that you do regularly every day, is the greatest gift you could give yourself for stability & a sense of self-security. It lets you feel normalcy in turbulent times, & shows you how your mind is constantly reacting differently & how that is your mind, not the exercise or your environments. It helps you gradually master yourself, the mind & the exercise.

There's not a lot of gray area between destiny & fate. If you fall from destiny to fate, you're done for & it takes lifetimes to come back, so just practice.

Destiny is about elevation of everyone & putting more positivity & happiness into the world.

"A spiritual guide or a spiritual teacher teaches you to go along with spiritual destiny. Because spiritual destiny is the most productive destiny & it has no beginning & no end...

It is my prayer that when you leave this course this time, your vigor & your dignity may rise enough as you can master your own destiny & that is the purpose of human life...

 There is a fight between destiny & fate, & once you fall in the hand of fate, there is nothing one can do. You are gone forever. What is wrong with fate? Just nothing, you will never ever be satisfied through all cycle of time & space. It is like a cancer, it grows & grows & grows & grows & grows but it won't let you, it is not terminal, that's a tragedy of fate. Fate is endless too. Destiny is Infinity into God, that's why it has a fulfillment...

I don't want anything again, I want to get it together, get it together. Together, to-gather something. I want to get it together, I want to get my senses together & make one sense. Who am I? There are three question which in every religion you'll be asked to answer. Who are you? Where you come from? Where you have to go? That finishes the entire religious study of all religions on the planet. Who are you? I am destiny. Destiny has identity, destiny have path & destiny has a speed...

The human integrity is to have successive stability to do the journey, because fight is always between fate & destiny. Destiny can be achieved only by faith." - Yogi Bhajan

Guru Jagat
1 hr 19 min

Surfing the Information Superhighway

Yoga for intelligence & clear cognition.

Counter-counter intelligence. In an age of great information & disinformation, you need the intelligence meditation to help you build neural pathways in the brain that are useful in sorting information.

The sheer amount of information that the human brain has to metabolize in one day is the equivalent to 74 G of data. That’s the equivalent of 16 movies & what a well-educated person would have processed in an entire lifetime 500 years ago. (And the number raises 5% every year—Bohn & Short, “Measuring Consumer Information”).

“Attention deficit disorder” developed as a diagnosis in the modern era when attention become the necessary antidote to increasing information due to the rise of technology.

To cope, the human brain develops such practices as as selective attention, so it’s useful to practice slowing down, trying something new, or trying to absorb as much as possible about one particular subject—in a conversation, a lecture, etc. Plus, it’s good to practice taking the same news story & checking lots of variant sources about it—they will all always say vastly different things.

Critical thinking + intuition + attention + empathy = clear-mindedness, or intelligence. For your chi to be moving, you have to circulate. The facts are always beyond language, so people just describe one limb of the elephant, as it were.

You should simplify, streamline & budget your input to what you can handle.

On the innate brilliance & capacity of children.