Teacher Collections

Experience deeply transformative teachings, tools & practices to live your most victorious life with Guru Jagat, the Founder & CEO of RA MA.

Practice Harijiwan’s deeply meditative classes to expand your perspective, experience and joy. 


Tej’s classes are packed with yogic knowledge, positivity, and practices to fulfill your destiny. 

Gurujas’ classes feature heavy-duty kriyas and pranayam meditations to nourish your spirit with love.

Harmanjot’s classes are fresh, sink deep and pull from a personal relationship with the teachings.

Detox your body internally, cleanse the glands, and feel more energized in Shabadpreet’s classes.

Get your daily fix with Pritam Siri: expect strong fitness kriyas, self-healing meditations, and more.

Looking to stoke your creative fire? Turn on Raghubir’s class to help you de-stress and cultivate your most creative life.

Get fit with Joie! Her mission is to inspire and uplift through the interwoven landscapes of rhythmic sound and physical movement.

Rebecca Underdown began practicing Kundalini yoga in 2000 and studying with Tej, Harijiwan and Guru Jagat in 2015. She holds a BA in Eastern Religions from Boston University and a Masters Degree in Chinese Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine.

Improve your creativity, mental clarity, and life’s vision by upgrading your internal structure and connecting with elevated consciousness.

Siri Rishi’s classes offer a peaceful sense of light & pranic food for the soul. 

Take a class with Desiree Pais to build intuition, radiance and your magnetic projection.

Remington lives and breathes the mystical teachings of the Tarot, Western Astrology, Qabalah, and Numerology. He’ll also show you how it connects to the Kundalini yoga lineage. 

Tashi Powers breaks down evolutionary astrology & esoteric concepts to optimize your life. 

Mikal embodies and broadcasts the warrior energy in his classes. His dedication to technical accuracy develops deep focus and powerful projection establishing balance of destructive energies through the cultivation of ones own creative force.

Jai Gopal’s classes focus on mind training and transmitting insights from his own deep study of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings. Prepare for full frontal lobe activation and an experience your true Jedi nature.

True’s classes focus on bringing the etheric realm to earth, where you’ll have an experience of your own infinity that’s very grounded in your body at the same time.