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Guru Jagat
1 hr 15 min

The Way of Milk

"Simply you have to accept your destiny." - Yogi Bhajan

“The price of culture is a Lie.” - W.E.B. Du Bois, The Souls of Black Folk

"What's the real divine masculine? The divine feminine." - Harijiwan

"We are here, & we have to do something nurturing that we respect before we go. We must. It is more interesting, more complicated, more intellectually demanding & more morally demanding to love somebody, to take care of somebody, to make one other person feel good. [Bill Moyers:] And how do we know when a love is too thick?

"We don’t, we really don’t. That’s a big problem. We don’t know when to stop, as Baby Suggs says, 'When is it too much & when is it not enough?' That is the problem of the human mind & the soul. But we have to try that. We have to try that. We have to do that. And not doing it is so poor for the self. It’s so poor for the mind. It’s so uninteresting to live without that, & it has no risk. There’s no risk involved. And that just seems to make life not just livable, but a gallant, gallant event." - Toni Morrison

In times of tragedy, we need to nurture human life. Our galaxy was named for this divine feminine. The future needs to be nurturing. It requires a nurturing approach.

We are never going to get anywhere as a humanity until we learn to appreciate ourselves & each other as souls, not as points on a political spectrum, not for what we think or do (although we try to do our best). Because of this, everyone has such low self esteem that they use politics to bolster their self esteem. We want you to find your own divinity, beyond worldly account. As life itself that is inherently precious.

From there, the antidote to “Cancel” culture is very clear: rehabilitative justice, restorative justice, & preventative justice, that includes public health & safety for everyone. Kundalini yoga & meditation has a lot to offer in that regard. No one's bodily autonomy & safety should be any less respected than anybody else's. Biopower in the Aquarian Age has to be very carefully protected. And social mercy, forgiveness & healing are all a part of public health & rehabilitative justice.

We need infrastructure (because no one should have to deal with these dangerous individuals in an unstructured, unprofessional, one-on-one way) to deal with deranged, very mentally ill people (like pedophiles) that uses somatic psychology in a way that is effective & not coercive, incorrect or faulty. This is where the future of applied yogic science & intersectional integrative medicine/technoscience comes in, which may very well be the topic of the 21st century.

Politics are a super artificial & superficial narrow top-down response to human problems, which require a grassroots or bottom-up response. Yogi Bhajan was adamant about never relating to anybody politically because of this. We don’t have good politics because people use it as a shortcut to encourage people to be better people, which winds up collapsing the truth into demands. That’s dead wrong. Ideologies are over, politics should be about project-based problem solving.

“Do not trust your viciousness, your duality, your anger & your science & technology to put down everybody. Don't. That doesn't make good with the God. God is not a relationship, God is the source of all relationship. God is not identity, God is only the giver of identity. God is not light, God from which light comes, they have no eyes, it is He who sees through you. You have no ears it is He, who listen through you.” - Yogi Bhajan

1 hr 15 min

Kundalini Yoga x Embodiment

Divine Image

Youth and beauty comes from within; this class activates the body with a Kriya for perpetual youth and ends with a powerful meditation to release shame and your shortcomings while creating your highest, most divine, self-directed image.

Iram’s classes focus on kriyas that are physical, grounding and connect students to their lower triangle. She often incorporates Yogi Bhajan’s women’s teachings as well as embodiment practices, such as womb breathing and visualization techniques.

Iram first encountered Kundalini Yoga in 2016 in New York City, where she studied with Hari Kaur. She immediately became passionate about the teachings, experiencing their power in healing her anxiety, and was soon teaching at a studio in New York. Since moving to Los Angeles, she has been studying with Guru Jagat and teaching Kundalini at UCLA Anderson School of Management. Outside of her passion for spreading Yogi Bhajan’s teachings of Kundalini Yoga, Iram is a student at UCLA Anderson and a leader at Light CoCreative, a social innovation and impact consultancy, where her long-term goal is to bring Kundalini Yoga to the business world through corporate wellness programming. Iram is also a student of Daoist feminine embodiment teachings and has found her own personal practice to thrive from the integration of Kundalini Yoga and feminine embodiment practices, which include womb breathing and visualization techniques, that she incorporates into her classes.