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Guru Jagat
1 hr 18 min

Being Human

Yoga & meditation for biorhythmic health.

“Life & living / Loving & kissing / Heart beating away / Breath & breathing / Emotions & feelings have something to say” - “Communication” by Yogi Bhajan

On emotional intelligence. Emotions are just information. Emotions very important to observe because they tell you where things are off, where you need to think differently & how things need to change.

We are normal people & that doesn’t mean pretending not to be human. You should have feelings. There are so many weirdo Piscean spiritual clichés still out there, like that you should be passive or not stand up for yourself or not have feelings. You should have feelings, they show you more about how to follow through on your conscious desires.

We’re not taught emotional intelligence or maturity, so in today’s culture whoever has the louder emotions wins because we’re really not equipped to deal with anybody’s emotions, including our own. This is why “I statements” & taking ownership of yourself is so important, as well as classroom yogic techniques like letting kids take a minute to breathe if they get upset so people can learn emotional regulation from day one.

Yoga & meditation help you process stuck emotions in the body, mind & psyche, & help you command your thoughts so you have more of a handle on your emotions in the first place.

Yogi Bhajan said if you just actually feel your emotions, they leave in seconds (less than a minute). It’s repressing them that creates tension & dis-ease.

New moon reset. You always have a window of about 72 hours after the new moon to continue to implement new energy.

The long road of defining causality in yogic science/medicine—complicated for many reasons, not the least of which because of there are always manifold mechanisms at play. “Science” is about observing/theorizing isolated mechanisms of causality. “Don’t blame the scientists...Science is great, but science is slow.” - Yogi Bhajan

Guru Jagat
1 hr 15 min

High Class Human Beings

Special Venus Gate Opening class

“can we speak in flowers? / it will be easier for me to understand.” - Nayyirah Waheed

“Love you just the way you are.” - Sir Billy Joel

Love is acceptance.

On a special astrological alignment day, pour love into the universe for maximum results.

Logic & common sense are the gateway to your wisdom & intuition, which are other words for acceptance & understanding. Developing clairaudience & clairsentience.

Then you need forgiveness & compassion to navigate & uplift what you see & understand. Countering negativity or confusion with positivity & clarity.

You can’t see clearly if you’re in any negativity at all. “There’s no logic in the negative...There’s no shortage of opportunities, but if you use the negative you won’t have enough energy to make use of them...

“We’re not in the business of convincing people what to believe.” - Harijiwan

Yogi Bhajan said if you have more tolerance than others, just enjoy it.

You should never feel bad or guilty for being happy or successful, just do your best to help others. We want everyone to be together because you can’t give from an underfull cup. By the same token, it rarely works to be mean to people to achieve your ends. Build people up & let them make better decisions on their own.

Yogi Bhajan said we always want to tell people what to do, but the highest gift you can give anyone is to encourage them so their self-esteem is great. We want everyone to be themselves & achieve what they want to.

You can’t be too put-together; there are so many people to help.