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Life-changing Yoga & Meditation Classes from the Comfort of your Home

RA MA TV is your at home Kundalini Yoga studio. Practice live daily classes or stream on-demand on your schedule.

RA MA TV has thousands of videos to choose from encompassing Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Esoteric conversations, Astrology talks, New Moon and Full Moon sessions, Yogic Workouts, and more.

RA MA TV $19/month

Enjoy our comprehensive library of online classes, meditations, practices, lectures & lifestyle content from our studios around the world.

RA MA TV LIVE $59/month

Watch daily LIVE classes with RA MA Global Teachers. Plus, stream the entire RA MA TV library anytime.

RA MA TV $19/month

Enjoy our comprehensive library of online classes, meditations, practices, lectures & lifestyle content from our studios around the world.

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RA MA TV + LIVE $59/month

Upgrade to the RA MA TV + LIVE plan and watch daily live classes with RA MA Global teachers. Plus, you can keep streaming the entire RA MA TV library.

Add-on Events

Upgrade your experience with exclusive Live Pay Per View and On-Demand Events.

Go deeper with RA MA TV Courses

Add-on our signature courses on yogic business, nutritional technology, to astrology & more.


Live Streamed Classes

Yoga classes streamed daily in real time to our RA MA TV Live members around the world. Meet, Chat and Practice in Community.

Practice Anytime

On-demand classes with RA MA's incredibly dedicated & experienced Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teachers. New classes posted daily.​

Themed Collections

Access over 5,000 powerful classes including themed collections for Beginners, for Healing, Prosperity, Yogic Workouts, Gong Baths and more.


Kundalini means energy, and Kundalini yoga is a powerful and useful practice. It works quickly to reduce stress, improve mental clarity, and elevate moods. Kundalini yoga uses postures, breath work, mantra and meditation to activate your body-mind system. Kundalini yoga is active, participatory and experiential – give our Beginners Guide to Kundalini Yoga a try!

Modern life is demanding, confusing, and sometimes overwhelming. Being able to withstand and process the intensity of the world right now is critical for your mental and physical health. Kundalini Yoga and meditation strengthens the nervous system, stimulates the glandular system, affects hormonal balance, brain function, digestion, muscular strength. Experience relaxation, stimulation and breakthrough moments with this practice — not to mention, it’s fun! 

The majority of RA MA TV lessons range from 60-90 minutes. Plus we have a selection of short practices from 3 minutes to 30 minutes to take part.

RA MA TV members get access to thousands of videos on RA MA TV, including all pre-recorded classes from Guru Jagat, and dozens of amazing RA MA teachers. RA MA TV LIVE membership gives you access to the above PLUS full access to the daily line-up of Live streamed classes. Classes stream live from our headquarters in Los Angeles as well as New York CityWorkshops, Trainings and other Courses and Immersions are not included in the Monthly/Annual memberships; these are available to purchase separately.

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Access your RA MA TV content online anytime, anywhere across all your devices.

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