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Welcome to the New RA MA Global Headquarters

Welcome to RA MA

Experience the full breadth of yogic technology and the power of a high-frequency community. Visit our home in Los Angeles for in-person classes, workshops, trainings and events, and the headquarters of RA MA TV.


From yogic science, astrology and esoteric study, to enhancing business, relationships and creativity, to spiritual practice and optimal living on all levels — we cover it all.


Our Teachers

RA MA's incredible, never-to-be repeated experiences are created by the magical power of our teachers. 

Daily Classes

Grab a spot in one of RA MA's electrifying and uplifting classes

Moon Days Events

Practice on high power New Moon & Full Moons at RA MA

Sacred Space

Create your own Sacred Space. Find sheepskins at more for your home at RA MA Shop


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Open 7 Days a Week