About RA MA Institute

Welcome to RA MA

The World of RA MA — whether you are with us in person at one of our studios, adventuring on a RA MA Experience Retreat or Yatra around the world, or hanging with us online via RA MA TV — is one of wonder, awe, curiosity, reverence, beauty, art, and optimal living on all levels.

Guru Jagat founded RA MA Institute in 2013 on the belief that expression, creativity, wellness, and brass tacks pragmatics can all live in harmony. We can be artists, we can be people who are embodied, we can be people who are living all sorts of different types of lifestyles and all sorts of different types of destinies. We come together in community and solidarity in yogic practice and meditative practice, and everything else can exist.

Now, we’re building a New Era destination where everything is designed for interstellar beings like you. We create high vibrational experiences. We believe in new educational structures, and breaking molds. But most of all, we believe in chiseling out your true essence, which aligns more and more destiny to your life.

Take a look around…