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daily meditations

Practice live with the global RA MA community daily for early morning sadhana (4:00am on the East Coast and 4:00am on the West Coast) and our 2022 meditation practices. View the full schedule on our Community Content page.


Quick kriyas & meditations you can incorporate everyday. 


Basic kundalini yoga sets for beginners. If you are new to Kundalini Yoga these videos will familiarize you with fundamental concepts and practices.
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Each week, RA MA TV presents a featured class from our founder, Guru Jagat.


If your feeling stress in the body; anxiety, armpits sweat, and insomnia, means you’re not doing enough physical yoga.  You need to look at your day, and see what you’re doing.  It’s a mandala of training. The balance of the Meditation, recitation and physical Yoga.

You need to look at what the needs of your system is. This is a self-initiation.


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