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Guru Jagat
1 hr 48 min

House of the Blue Roses

Yoga for energy & stamina.

"Roses are roses, they are very good, I mean, they are beautiful roses, what is your problem?...

Life is not what you think it is. Life is calamity. Life is a high frequency process, pressing itself through you and it's as powerful as you can imagine. It's as heavy. One minute you are successful. Next minute you have to be successful. Third minute you have to be successful. Hell with it, but that's the way it is. It's not 'I am successful, that's enough.' No, no, no. Successful, successful, successful. There is only one mantra. Success, success, success, success, that's how life goes. And moment it's called failure, forget it. One failure can wipe out entire success as one drop of citrus put in a milk can split it.

Kundalini yoga is not a joke, it's a yoga of the householder and it's meant for a man to be every successful. That's all it is. And what they found out is, that householder has lot of things to do. He should do it and there are certain few minutes where he can just organize himself, so his vitality and capacity, projection and understanding can be unique, cute I call it. Cute. You have to have a cute understanding. You should read between the line, you should understand things, you can go right away. Going instead of going to north, you go in south, where you end up? Around the world, again to the same point, I agree with you, everything is round. But living in roundabouts is the worst. And living straight, simple and with a smile is the best. Just adapt three things in a religion, make your own religion, individual religion, 'I am going to be straight, I am going to be simple, I am going to say everything with a smile.'...

The highest principle of living on this worldly earth, daily duty is be graceful and be radiant, there are two principles...

Guru Arjan had love for Guru Ram Das and he wrote three letters. Up to this time on this earth no human is born who can write that affectionate loving longing letter. 'I cannot pass my night, I do not get sleep. I just want to see you in your court and audience. Not that I seek the audience, no, no, I just want to see how you give the audience, that's all...Now how you are going to meet me O my beloved lord?...Your face is enchantingly beautiful and charming and your voice is sweet and it's the darling of every darling'...An art can write when the heart is in it. Problem is when a person is shallow he is light and he can't do the heavy duty. So in one form and the other we are all shallow, nobody is perfect except God and the heavy duty is like God's duty. Constant giving...
You do not understand how grateful you are to God to belong to a Dharma which has the most beautiful scripture of the entire world." - Yogi Bhajan
Working on physical strength.

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Guru Jagat
1 hr 33 min

Amor Destiny

Amor Destiny: love of one’s destiny.

Holding the routine sacred. A daily, householder practice is the highest practice.

You having a steady yoga & meditation practice that you do regularly every day, is the greatest gift you could give yourself for stability & a sense of self-security. It lets you feel normalcy in turbulent times, & shows you how your mind is constantly reacting differently & how that is your mind, not the exercise or your environments. It helps you gradually master yourself, the mind & the exercise.

There's not a lot of gray area between destiny & fate. If you fall from destiny to fate, you're done for & it takes lifetimes to come back, so just practice.

Destiny is about elevation of everyone & putting more positivity & happiness into the world.

"A spiritual guide or a spiritual teacher teaches you to go along with spiritual destiny. Because spiritual destiny is the most productive destiny & it has no beginning & no end...

It is my prayer that when you leave this course this time, your vigor & your dignity may rise enough as you can master your own destiny & that is the purpose of human life...

 There is a fight between destiny & fate, & once you fall in the hand of fate, there is nothing one can do. You are gone forever. What is wrong with fate? Just nothing, you will never ever be satisfied through all cycle of time & space. It is like a cancer, it grows & grows & grows & grows & grows but it won't let you, it is not terminal, that's a tragedy of fate. Fate is endless too. Destiny is Infinity into God, that's why it has a fulfillment...

I don't want anything again, I want to get it together, get it together. Together, to-gather something. I want to get it together, I want to get my senses together & make one sense. Who am I? There are three question which in every religion you'll be asked to answer. Who are you? Where you come from? Where you have to go? That finishes the entire religious study of all religions on the planet. Who are you? I am destiny. Destiny has identity, destiny have path & destiny has a speed...

The human integrity is to have successive stability to do the journey, because fight is always between fate & destiny. Destiny can be achieved only by faith." - Yogi Bhajan

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Guru Jagat
1 hr 17 min

REALITY RIFFING – From Egypt to Atlantis: Guru Jagat x Dr. Carmen Boulter

Tune in for this major-league interview between Guru Jagat and Dr. Carmen Boulter, director, producer, and writer of The Pyramid Code, a documentary television aired  in 38 countries and on Netflix in 17 regions. Carmen is in the completion stage of The New Atlantis, a new made-for-tv series that uses cross-disciplinary archaeology, climatology, linguistics, astronomy, plate tectonics, cartography, and glaciology to bypass the disinformation of corporate-controlled media and expose the truth of humanity’s forgotten legacy.  Get the Atlantean transmission – join this episode on RA MA TV Live.

Dr. Carmen Boulter is Director, Producer, and Writer of The Pyramid Code, an epic 5-episode documentary series that has aired on national TV in 38 countries and has been on Netflix in 17 regions. Carmen is a retired Professor from the Graduate Division of Educational Research at the University of Calgary. She taught at a University in Taiwan for 4 years. She was Director of the Women’s Therapy and Research Center in Calgary, Canada for 10 years. Carmen is the author of the ground-breaking book Angels and Archetypes: An Evolutionary Map of Feminine Consciousness. Carmen has traveled to 68 different countries to conduct her research including Egypt where she has been 36 times. She is in the completion stage of The New Atlantis, an innovative 5-episode documentary series filmed in 17 countries. Dr Carmen is on the International Advisory Council for the Bosnian Pyramid Project.

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