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You need the support of other women to fully step into your Power.
You must find ways to reinforce your knowing that life can have much, much more depth.
Find your voice. Claim your space in this pivotal time. Live fully, freely, and radiantly.
The world needs your creative genius and inspiration.
Your intuition is spot on.

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Life can have more magic,

radiance and beauty in it. We just need deep spiritual practice and intimacy with other powerful women to make this happen.

It doesn’t matter if you think of yourself as an artist or you think of yourself as a businesswoman or a mother…you’re here to reinforce a new revolution on the planet — one where you’re happy, creative and fully alive.

More and more women are heeding the call to transform their lives and become strong and radiant catalysts of change in the world. Which is why Guru Jagat wanted to create a global community for you to connect and learn powerful yogic tools and women’s teachings from her year-round, no matter where she’s at in the world.

Deepens Your Intuition and Accelerates Your Destiny at Light Speed.

Aquarian Women’s Leadership Society is a radically different program for women who want to be the change they want to see. Stemming from Guru Jagat’s life-long commitment to cultivating spaces of rigorous study, transformation, intersectionality, and the beauty of all women identifying. AWLS is immediate, access to the sacred art of knowing yourself. 

Every lunar cycle, you will receive content in alignment with the world and the cosmic circumstances at large. Each cycle is like a multifaceted training that deepens your self understanding and pushes you to create in 3D what it is you know needs to come forth.

Here's what's inside
Practice & Meditation for The Now

Practice with Guru Jagat, weaving a worldwide web of energetics. Stand shoulder to shoulder with other entrepreneurs, mothers, and women doing their due diligence. Compare experiences. Ask questions. Trade secrets: mantras, insight and laughter. Speak directly to practice prompts delivered at the end of a yoga set chosen specifically for what the group needs collectively.*

*The Women of AWLS report regular upgrades by applying these tools to their daily lives and or taking them on as their daily practice.

Peanut Hour, Social Experiences

AWLS is a private mastermind community. Rework your concept of what it means to be a creator on the planet and embody artistic clarity and creativity through social experiments, thought-provoking challenges and leadership training led by one of the Graces under Guru Jagat’s tutelage. This is an opportunity to share your gifts, stories, and miracles each month.

Commune, Face Time With Guru Jagat

Every month you get to connect with Guru Jagat on exclusive Live Streams. This unique opportunity to have your questions answered, be seen, and use your developing voice offers immeasurable guidance for your personal journey.
Guru Jagat travels a lot, holding this time together honors each part of us as a whole.

Nourish, Yogic Nutrition Technology

Simple yogic recipes designed to deeply heal and nourish you while tuning your body to the celestial cycle utilizes the most powerful foods on the planet to change your body from the inside out.  Some of our all-time favorites include yogi tea, turnip & jalapeno pancakes with black garbanzo beans, moon day recipes, and hair masks.

Enrich, Illumination Station

Tune into RA MA LIFE and the development of RA MA University with dharma talks and discussions of how to create the future we want to see for our children and businesses in the New Era. As well as other experiences befitting the month’s concentration to illuminate how to have a bigger experience of You as You.

Curioso, Curated Dharma Art, Esoterica & Other Curiosities

We are the voice of the voiceless. The world needs your creative genius. To keep your spirit nourished each month AWLS curates creative projects highlighting exquisite works of art created by or about women to activate and facilitate the creative power in you.

Guru Jagat Picks & Surprisingly Cosmic Extras

As a member of AWLS, you get a ton of amazing perks from exclusive content and live events to discounts on beauty, lifestyle picks, intensives, and more.

“I believe that the new wave of feminism is one where we can actually celebrate femininity… You are a royal human being who is in a highest incarnation.”
-Guru Jagat
Inside this month’s content, you’ll find:


Daily morning live yoga and practice sessions with Guru Jagat & the RA MA Crew


A workout that offers luminous skin plus a self-administered craniosacral adjustment


Discover these relevant and meaningful “V” - studies and practice a meditation for cervical toning.


Live with Guru Jagat and dial in your femme psyche.


Much more...

Join the Movement

Aquarian Women’s Leadership Society is about cultivating a global community that is progressive, boundless and inclusive.  To that end, it is also about transformation. Memberships are offered in 3-month, 6-month and 1-year durations to create a container of real growth.
Choose The Membership Plan That’s Right For You

3-Month Commitment

$ 197 Every 3 months

6-Month Commitment

$ 397 Every 6 months

Annual Payment

$ 797 Every 12 months

If AWLS is out of your monthly budget,
We offer sliding scale scholarships. Click here to apply. We encourage women of all economic backgrounds to apply.


You can participate as much or as little as possible. Some like to dive into the content on the New Moon and do everything all at once, daily practice and attend every call.  Others like to savor and experience the content throughout the month. Engage daily with the community on the Facebook group or not at all.

Every month on the New Moon, we release fresh content across all categories. You never know what will come next so make sure to participate if something strikes your fancy.

Log in to the private Aquarian Women’s Leadership Society portal from your cell phone, iPad/tablet or computer.
All videos are streaming only and not available to download. You’ll need a good internet connection. Our group calls are held on Zoom – make sure your video is on! We love to see your faces.

AWLS Archives are growing. The monthly practices and meditations remain live for 6 months. We are building out our Annex archives too so you can keep learning from our expanded community of teachers and leaders.

AWLS is truly a global community and we have members in more than 35 countries and growing fast. The group calls are held at different times each month to accommodate various time zones and all are recorded for future viewing in case you miss something live.

We have a very active private Facebook group for members only. Sharing wins, fears, life experiences, this is a dynamic and active space for support and growth. 
Plus we put together an AWLS Professional Directory for our members to to connect, highlight and promote the power, intelligence and creativity within our very own community.

Yes, payments auto process at the interval of your subscription – every 3, 6 or 12 months -, around the same day you registered.

Of course, you can change any subscription to a yearly subscription (and save!) at any time. Contact [email protected]

You may update your subscription anytime at Change your payment method or change your subscription status there. Or email [email protected] and we’ll cancel your upcoming renewal. Contact us at least two weeks prior to your next billing date. You’ll have access to the AWLS portal until the end of your current billing cycle.

You’ll need to ride out the term of the subscription, we’re not able to refund the pre-payment. Thanks for understanding.

If membership isn’t the right fit right now, check out this selection of Kundalini yoga practices from the AWLS archives: 16x Exponential Femininity

You’ll get immediate access to the AWLS portal and added to the Facebook group. Mark your calendars for the upcoming group calls and introduce yourself to us! 
If there is anything else we can answer for you, please contact us anytime [email protected]

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