RA MA Institute Presents

Kundalini Training

with Harijiwan, Mandev, & Shabadpreet

Are you ready to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher?

In this 5-day training,  you will immerse yourself deeply in the continued study of being a teacher, through yogic science fundamentals, practice, and meditation.

The increasing computerization of the planet is changing how society is structured and operated.  There is an increasing demand for knowledge and experience of how the body-mind system operates. Kundalini Yoga is the technology to navigate these changing planetary times and provide the technical know-how to protect, heal, and elevate ourselves.

Being a Teacher is an exploration of this vast yogic science.  This course will teach you how to create deep profound change in yourself, and  deep profound change in your students.
Explore more deeply the mechanics of teaching.
Through the four wheels of Yoga, Mantra, Meditation, and Breath, you will experience profound transformation and drop the patterns that have been limiting you and obscuring your consciousness and clarity. This training will take place on the mystical island of Mallorca which always provides an immense portal of energetic change and growth. 
What to Expect:
  • Each day focuses on making profound shifts in energy and consciousness through yoga, Prana meditation and mantra. 
  • Drop subconscious thought forms and neurotic patterns that have prevented you from the success you want to achieve. 
  • Develop and deepen your own personal practice. 
  • Learn how to guide a student through a subconscious thought form. 
  • Learn how to energetically structure a class/workshop, decide on a theme and a marketing strategy.
  • Learn how to magnetize your aura to attract students and opportunities
  • Gain confidence in yourself as a practitioner and teacher.

Purchase includes unlimited virtual replay

The first student you will have as a teacher is yourself.
And as the light of one candle can light thousands of candles,
you must first illuminate your own consciousness.
Awaken your own awareness.

Your Teachers

RA MA’s incredible, never-to-be repeated experiences are created by the magical power of our teachers: Harijiwan, Mandev and Shabadpreet


Previous Courses

Further your learning of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with these on-demand courses taught by Harijiwan, Tej, Gurujas, Guru Jagat, Mandev and Shabadpreet. All sessions and course materials are included, yours to view on-demand with no expiration upon purchase. 

RA MA Institute Presents

Kundalini Training

with Harijiwan & Mandev

Thursday, April 6 - Saturday, April 8, 2023
9:00am - 6:00pm EDT
In-Person at RA MA New York + Live Streaming on RA MA TV

Learn the science of Real Relationships

Understand the flow of energy between you and the person you are relating to.
This will increase your healing sensitivity.

Deepen your understanding of how you exchange energy within yourself and with those you want to relate to. The art of relationships is how refined and sensitive you are in creating and participating in these exchanges.
This course will give you a new clarity of how communication is created, established and maintained in relationships. Going through the energetic experience of this course will set new energetic patterns for creating better relationships.
Leave dreaming about love and start living in love that is actual, real, and now. 
What to expect:
  • Discover different dimensions  of your relationships
  • Improve and heal any relationship and learn how to shift it onto a new frequency
  • Learn how to move someone else’s energy by learning how to move your own energy
  • Learn how to enjoy every exchange in every relationship
  • Develop strategies for dealing with difficult people and difficult situations
If you relate to anybody, this course is for you— romantic relationships, business relationships, friendships, child raising, etc….This is an exciting opportunity to make a deep and profound change in how you relate to everyone in the world and how everyone in the world relates to you. Join us for this course—you’ll love it.

Pre-Registration Pricing through March 31, 2023

In-Person & Virtual registration includes unlimited virtual replay.
This training will be broadcast from the US Eastern Standard time zone EST.

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"Our job is to be very creative and conscious and alert, and understand that these huge galactic energies that are coming on the planet are here to change, to upgrade, to evolve the whole collective."


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