Kundalini Training: The Meditative Mind


The Meditative Mind
Kundalini Training with Harijiwan, Mandev, Tej, and Shabadpreet

Originally presented September 14 – 18, 2022
Now Available Virtually On-Demand on RA MA TV with Unlimited Replay

Explore the depth and dimension of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation through the science of the Meditative Mind in this 5-day Kundalini Training.

The mind exists in service to your soul.
In the yogic scriptures, the soul is accompanied on its journey from the Infinite through the creation of the mind.

You have three minds.
The Negative Mind protects you.
The Positive Mind searches for possibilities and fulfillment.
The Neutral Mind reflects, it is the space of the Meditative Mind.

Each yogi sets out on a quest to experience the Meditative Mind.
Every person has a distance they need to cross to fulfill their destiny.

Happiness, success, and perpetual prosperity comes to the yogis who master the Meditative Mind.

This five-day Kundalini Training will give you an experiential understanding of a stillness, a crystalline clarity, alive in your own Meditative Mind’s infinite horizon. Gain new energy, a constellation of sophisticated subtle patterns, freedom from illusion, momentum on your soul’s timeless progression.

Kundalini Yoga is the science of angles and triangles giving you, the yogi, a fluid strength of maneuverability to overcome all obstacles and reach enlightenment, the experience of supreme consciousness in the finite form.

One who lives in and through their Meditative Mind receives the support of Mother Nature, all the celestial blessings, and the precious gift of knowing and growing in their destiny direction.

The Meditative Mind is a state of complete stillness.  When you are in this state nature acts for you.

Everything is a thought. When thought is not achieved it enters the subconscious, then unconscious, and then the conscious. If this cycle did not exist a human would be more powerful than any angel.

When you know how to activate and enter your Meditative Mind, when you exist in the realms of your Meditative Mind, your angelic psyche, destiny direction, hidden gifts, soul light, all become known to you.

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Kundalini Training: The Meditative Mind
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