Kundalini Training: The Consciousness of Chakras


Kundalini Training: The Consciousness of Chakras
with Harijiwan, Tej, Gurujas, Mandev, and Shabadpreet

This 4-day training provides the basic principles and practical instruction on the structure, consciousness, and applied intelligence of the Chakras. Learn about the eight projection centers called Chakras and the energetic channels of the body-mind system. Change your consciousness on command through clearing techniques to deprogram each Chakra’s existing programming, distortions, and limitations. Clear Karmic patterns from previous lifetimes that have layered over the Chakras.

Experience the power of each Chakra, allowing you to project clearly, powerfully and consciously. Experience an authentic reality of you, your desires, your intent, projected from the Chakras.

The Training includes:

  • Over 40 hours of program content
  • 16 class sessions
  • 4 Q&A Sessions with Harijiwan
  • 4 sadhana yoga practice sessions
  • Course Materials and Resources

Originally presented September 16 – 19, 2021
Online Only:  Stream Videos On-Demand with no expiration

You will receive a Certificate upon completion of this course presented by RA MA Global Alliance

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Kundalini Training: The Consciousness of Chakras
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