Aquarian Women's Leadership Society: 16x Exponent Femininity


Join Guru Jagat for fully charged yoga sets, self-hypnosis meditations and in-depth teachings to crystallize your new self-concept.

#1. Trans-Hypnotize Yourself

Every woman is built to have an infinite impact on the Earth. In this session with Guru Jagat, get into yogic technologies for 16x greater empowerment and security—adjusting your relationship with “time-tendencies” and the biological clock. Then trans-hypnotize yourself to come out clear, cool and reflecting.

#2. Deep Dive with the Angels

Establish rhythmic harmony and communication between you and your soul. In this extended session with Guru Jagat, practice an oxygen-charged yogic warm-up and deep dive into a special “angel and angelic power” meditation.

#3. Your Imperial Majestic Royalty

Make a deep, structural shift in your self-concept. Join Guru Jagat with special guest Harijiwan for an endocrine-leveling practice to re-calibrate your brain and body chemistry, giving you a feeling of majesty, glitter, shine, and grace.

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