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Guru Jagat

1979 - 2021

Guru Jagat was a celebrated and iconoclastic thought leader who forged a new path of modern wellness. She embodied “creation culture” as an author, fashion designer, teacher, musician, chef, and entrepreneur. She founded RA MA in 2013 and left a lasting legacy amongst her students, family and friends. Read Guru Jagat’s obituary here and celebrate the tribute of her life.

Bless this day. This opportunity at human life. Bless your missions. Your beating heart. Putting one foot in front of another. Bless your openness. Your generosity. Your wakefulness. Your fortitude. What got you here. Every sacred step.


Invincible Living: The Power of Yoga, The Energy of Breath, and Other Tools for a Radiant Life

Guru Jagat’s best selling book is an introduction to yogic practices and a life well-lived. Accelerate your life and give yourself a totally different experience of reality. Learn More.



Explore the archives of Guru Jagat’s classes online on RA MA TV.

From Business Trainings to Women’s Teachings, discover a fresh take on ancient wisdom from the earnest and irreverent Guru Jagat.


Available to members of RA MA TV and RA MA TV Live.


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Guru Jagat standing in an enchanted forest

My Prayer

May you not take no for an answer, question or statement.

Never talk about your weaknesses again as a way to dumb yourself down or become more relatable on social media or in a social construct.

Seriously discipline yourself to deeply care about your impact on everything that exists & seriously discipline yourself NOT TO CARE about what the spectators, critics, & pundits think, say, troll, & gossip about you.

May you breathe consciously and deeply even for a second longer today than yesterday and recognize what that means & what it does.

May the rising tides of pressure, Destiny & necessity continue to wake you from the levels of dreaming, zombie life, status quo, & mind control — & allow the Sovereign Waking Dream reality to be bent, changed & challenged by your Conscious mind, body, heart & mission.

May the Punk Rock, Constant Questioner, Rebel with a Cause, immediate Intellectual, Community Organizer, GrassRooter, Boot Strapper, Warrior, Winner, Victor, Real Friend, Enlightened Leader, & Don’t Stop til you Drop Ethos keep you.

Breaking out of Limitations & becoming more real

- Guru Jagat


Reality Riffing

Listen to Guru Jagat’s talk show for free-flowing conversations on miraculous living, cutting-edge mysticism, pop culture, activism & more. 

After meeting Guru Jagat and becoming introduced to the technology of Kundalini Yoga, every part of me has become awakened. I’m clearer, stronger, more conscious, and more creative than ever. Guru Jagat's tell-it-like-it-is style is modern, relatable, and very do-able. I love it.”

Marianne Williamson interviewing Guru Jagat
Black and white photo fo Guru Jagat sitting inside a vintage car in NYC

Guru Jagat has a beautiful way of bringing a youthful and accessible approach to an ancient practice, and her mission to bring more people into this movement of reaching a collective higher consciousness.

The charismatic 39-year old has been building a one-woman empire that positions her as Kundalini's answer to Gwyneth Paltrow.

Guru Jagat teaching a kundalini yoga course in Singapore


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