Sher Kirtan

Sher Kirtan is based in New York, New York and his classes are appropriate for all levels and designed with attention toward the particularity of the environment, zeitgeist, and astrological terrain of the moment. His classes are for students seeking to further investigate and crystallize their authentic selves, while finding inner-strength and creativity in an encouraging, non-judgmental environment.
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Sher Kirtan
1 hr 33 min

Bridging Gaps

Access Strength and Intuition

This class is focused on stimulating the kundalini in such a way that meditation becomes seamless. You will experience balance and clarity. The meditation is preparation for you to be able to channel your mental energy so much that you can actually astral travel. It is called "Blue Gap." You can alter the functional part of the brain with this meditation any time you choose. You’ll have this experience when you do the first meditation. Then when you do the eight-rhythm mantra, the energy will start flowing toward your head. You should be able to feel the flow of that energy.

"In our human relativity, in our sensitivity, our mental projection and our mental activity, there’s going to be a great change. It is very essential for the human race to be watchful, to be creative, and to be equipped with a positive channelizing method for mental energy. There will be new changes and new trends in the human race. It’s a fundamental, basic change that is happening. So for certain people like you who are now in your twenties and thirties, in twenty or thirty years when you’ll be in your fifties and sixties, it will almost certainly be a very lonely period, because it will be impossible for you to relate to the little ones. There’ll be a gap. You will not understand them. About 900 B.C. humanity had the same problem. It is called the Blue Gap and you will experience it on this Earth again within one hundred years.
That shall be the coming race, because the sensitivity in man’s own self is going to increase, and the mental mind projection is going to be very much activated, whereas the procedure to protect and channelize will be less known to people. If that happens, the net result will be what I have explained to you in a picture. A man is doing his work—he’s working, and his pen stops. He’ll be paid for those four days, but his pen shall be like this (suspended in midair), because he has projected out. Then he will return in, you see. I have taken you out into the future of the human race just for a couple of minutes. If your mind, your meditation and your sensitivity can be together, and your polarity of the male and female will be very systematic, and your union will create a projective self, which will manifest as your children, then you can be assured. There will be a sensitive race anyway, but that race will sense everything clear, calm and quiet. The potential human disaster has to be avoided. That’s what we are talking about.” - YOGI BHAJAN

Sher Kirtan
1 hr min

Foundation for Infinity

Pelvic Adjustment & Intuition

Practice a kriya to align the pevis and balance the prana/apana in the bodies. It is a solid foundational practice to come back to.

- Practice a meditation that is excellent as a means to gain perspective and direction: The Complete Adi Mantra. Mantra Pronunciation: Ong Namo, Guroo Dayv Namo, Guroo Dayv Namo, Guroo Dayvaa
Yogi Bhajan explained this when he said, "Use this mantra in its complete form anytime you have a lack of faith or any similar thing. Many of you will enter Shakti Pad, or you are in it, this mantra will help. With the grace of Guru Ram Das, when this mantra is chanted five times on one breath, the total spiritual knowledge of all teachers who have ever existed or who will ever exist on this Earth, is beseated in that person." "Ong" is the creative energy of the total cosmos and consciousness of the Creator as experienced in this Creation. It has the connotation of energy and activity. It creates involvement without attachment. It generates shakti, the generative force of life.
"Ong Namo" calls on your consciousness to become subtle and receptive to its own higher resources. It instructs the conscious and the subconscious to let go of the normal restrictions imposed by the limited ego. "Guru" means wisdom or teacher. It does not mean a personality. Rather, it means the source of the knowledge; not just any knowledge, but the kind of knowledge that transforms you, that alleviates pain, and that increases your awareness. "Guru" in the spiritual context is the embodiment of the Infinite. The word can be broken into parts: "Gu" means darkness or ignorance; "Ru" means light or knowledge; "Gur" means a formula to systematically attain a goal; so a "Guru" is something which can give you a "Gur" to transform your "Gu" to "Ru"! "Dev" means subtle, etheric, divine or belonging to the realms of God. It implies sophistication and wisdom. "Guru Dev Namo" calls on the subtle wisdom that guides you in an impersonally personal manner. It is a wisdom that is stored and transmitted through the subtle and radiant bodies of the aura.

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