Atma Santokh

Experience challenging mudras, deep mantra selections, and transformative meditation experiences with practical, engaging, and down-to-earth verbiage to express the deep love he has for, and practical application of, the Kundalini Yoga teachings and techniques.

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Atma Santokh
1 hr 27 min

Undeniable Experience Of Aliveness

Capricorn New Moon

In This Kundalini Yoga And Meditation Class:

-Welcome the last New Moon of the year

-A dynamic yoga series that includes:

-Lots of "HAR"s

-Lots of drums!


-Jumping jacks

-Singing in camel pose.



"There are five tattvas, Akasha. Akasha is the sublime self, Akasha is the sublime self through which the psyche and the governing self of the psyche is administered. It is the seat of the God. Pawan or Air you call it, carries the strength of the Pranic body to manifest the human. Inactivity and inactivity, it is also the duty of the balance of the Pawan with Prana and Apana that you sleep and you rejuvenate within few hours and your body excels and continues, repair center is within it. And then comes the most powerful thing the Fire, Aagan Granthi. Your circulation, your heart, your stomach, your digestive system, your atmosphere, your growth, the weather, all that is based on low and high pressure. Heat high and low but it is administered again by the Prana, by the Air. Try to understand, then comes the Water, Water is the excellence in which you are sixty percent and fluctuation of life and movement of life is based on the water which is sixty percent of you governed by the moon. Whereas the Fire or Agan Granthi is governed by the Sun, Hatha. But the Water is still governed by the Prana, Pawan, by the currents of the ocean and that is which gives you what you have to get through the excellence of the earth, then comes the Earth. Earth has all the elements in it, it has all the Fire you call it Lava when it comes out, when it doesn't show up, you do not even remember it. It has the momentum." -Yogi Bhajan