Guru Jagat

Practice with the Founder of RA MA Institute.
Guru Jagat’s classes include dynamic Dharma talks and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. 

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Guru Jagat
1 hr 27 min

Blue Geometry – The Great Inheritance

A Pre-White Tantric Class

Although this class is a preparation for White Tantric, anyone can benefit from the energy whether attending a White Tantric workshop or not. Work with the idea of the blue geometry and the great inheritance of the House of Guru Ram Das. This state of the "Atmic Foundation" is the foundational vibrational frequency of your soul body. Utilize the geometric phenomena of the Tantric Energy -- the Diagonal-- to cut through perpendicular timestreams and align with the Parallel Unison, the 11th body.

"The diagonal of the Tantric energy allows you to jump the timestream. It allows you to go from a perpendicular moment when you keep hitting the head against the wall of some sort - some subconscious pattern and you'd like things to become more parallel. That diagonal allows you to jump into a parallel experience - the parallel unison. The more agile you get, the more practice and more imbued into the subtle body the quicker you can jump. " - Guru Jagat

In the meditation, go into the Blue Pearl as that seedling portal space, a space for you to open up some of this major transformation. "Blue Pearl is that seedling sense of the consciousness of the soul in the total universality of the human consciousness through all what we have: possession, progressiveness, promises, projections, produce, products, and perpendicular or parallel energies. In that, when you find the touch of your soul with you a base is caused and from that Atmic based you can project to a para-Atmic base from the known to the unknown." - Yogi Bhajan

Full yoga set with a series of 11 and 7-minute Tantric meditations.

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