RA MA TV – Video Collection – Crash Course

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New to RA MA TV? This crash course with Guru Jagat is where you’ll learn about the postures, mudras and mantras you’ll see over and over again in your practice. The choice is yours: Watch one video a day, or binge-watch the whole 14-day series.

Tune In & Warm Up

Learn how tune in with Ong Namo Guru Dav Namo, then do a 3 minute practice to warm up the spine.

Swan Kriya

A simple but profound kriya to refresh your brain and prevent aging.

Glandular Yoga

Learn more about the link between your endocrine system and Kundalini yoga. You’ll do a quick set to balance the glands and cleanse from the inside-out.

Vitality Breath

This breath is perfect to quickly restore your blood chemistry, stop compulsive eating or addictive behaviors, AND chill you out.

Take the Edge Off

A nine-minute practice to clear away stress and reset your whole brain functioning.

Anti-Aging Technology

With this Kundalini yoga set, you’ll balance the hormones,  cleanse the blood & internal organs, all while getting a good stretch in. THIS is how we stay healthy & youthful.

Kidney & Adrenal Chi

The word “kriya” means “to change.” In this short kriya, you’ll refill your kidney & adrenal deficiencies, strengthening them day after day.

All About the Nadis

Change the energetic pathways of breath in the body–these called “nadis” in yogic science. This 3-minute set will give you more energy throughout the day in a more consistent way.

Lymphatic System Overhaul

Create movement in the cardiovascular system to clean the lymph nodes. You’ll do a three-part set to release water retention and create overall vitality.

Goodbye Brain Fatigue

Use the science of sound to massage the brain, increase mental clarity and become more radiant & glowy.

Weight Loss Kriya

Traditional weight loss methods can backfire by creating more stress & inflammation. In this kriya, you’ll support weight loss by relaxing and getting the body into a very healing space.

Get Stronger Nerves

One of the building blocks of Kundalini yoga is nervous system strength. Do this short practice to strengthen your nerve. That way, when the stressors come, you’ll be so much more steady. 

Heavy on the Breath

This breath practice clears away negativity, brain fog & stress hormones FAST.

Magnetic Fields Forever

How you feel in any given moment is connected to the balance and power of your own magnetic field. Guru Jagat talks about this all the time in her classes, and this set will give you an experience of how it works.