Interstellar Star School: Origins


Guru Jagat presents Astrology for the Aquarian Age.  The course explores planetary movements, transits, solar and lunar aspects. Learn how to read and interpret natal charts.

-Use the zodiac and astrological archetypes as a tool of consciousness and a way to develop the sensory system, and even rewrite a person’s destiny.
-Analysis of the natal chart – your mandala and blueprint of electromagnetic prenatal activity. The imprint of the subtle electromagnetic energy of the planetary grid at the moment you were born IS the natal chart. “We want to have the AWARENESS of these imprints of that cosmic DNA to MANEUVER it.” – Guru Jagat
-Tools to get a sense of an astrological pattern and how to maneuver it, to activate and deactivate certain energies with meditations for the specific astrological phenomenon (e.g, meditation for when Mars is retrograde), and sound and mantra to reshape patterns and sequences of planetary patterns both in the sky and natal chart
-Prenatal eclipse cycles and how they influence the chart
-How does the magnetic configuration of planets affect the nervous system of the fetus and how that creates a certain magnetic force of energy in the birth process
-Geometric relationships in astrology and Tantric energy
-Meditations for certain undesirable natal charts
-Developing ways to upgrade our sensory systems to use more of the interplanetary energy and gamma waves entering the planet, and to be able to handle the huge vastness happening with this new Space Age.


This course was presented over 7 months from October, 2015 to April, 2016. There are 12 sessions and 18 hours of content.

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Interstellar Star School: Origins
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