RA MA Crew Picks: Esoterica


Learn from wisdom-keepers how you can work with the stars, the planets, and the angelic realms to activate these archetypes within you.

From the RA MA archives, enjoy dynamic workshops with Guru Jagat and Remington Donovan on Practical Esoterica, Tashi Powers on Pluto, the planet that rules your Soul.  Isabelle Von Fallois reveals the mysteries of Mary Magdalene, Remington Donovan delves into the magic of the Tantric Necklace and Mayan Timekeeper Jose Muñoz presents an exclusive, never-before-streamed workshop from the RA MA Yatra to Mt. Shasta, California.

  • Content: 5 Workshops,  11 Hours
    • Workshop 1: Tantric Necklace Workshop
    • Workshop 2: Pragmatic Esoterica
    • Workshop 3: Your Evolution Your Pluto
    • Workshop 4: Mary Magdalene & the Merangels
    • Workshop 5: Mt Shasta Journey to the Cosmos

Videos are available to stream with no expiration.