Secret Yogic and Mystical Teachings of Egypt


Join Guru Jagat & resident mystic and master numerologist Remington Donovan for a workshop on the extremely secret Egyptian mystery schools. 

  • In Mystery Tradition style, prepare the mind & body before receiving a transmission 
  • Practice an ancient-future Kriya from the Egyptian Yogic Technology 
  • Explore ancient Egyptian mythology, hieroglyphs & symbolism to inspire our present-day spiritual endeavors 
  • Learn a resurrective mantra, to breathe life into something
  • Experience the Sphinx Kriya Meditation

Remington Donovan is a master numerologist and mystic seer, trained in the spiritual wisdom of the ancients. He was quite literally born into the traditions of mysticism, spirituality and meditation, which naturally evolved into his now 30 years of experience practicing with tarot and numerology. Along with performing thousands of private readings, Remington teaches and speaks all over the world. He hosts The Mystical Artists podcast and leads The Mystical Arts Mystery School. Remington takes great joy in the gift of seeing life’s highest potential through numerology and in using that gift to guide and transform others.

Originally Presented on February 1st 2020 at RA MA Venice
Virtually on RA MA TV + Infinite Replay

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Secret Yogic and Mystical Teachings of Egypt
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