Interstellar Star School: The Opening of the Gate


An Interstellar Star School
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Accelerator with Guru Jagat

Join Guru Jagat and a massive lineup of Pleiadian Teachers, Tibetan Wisdom Holders and Urban Star Leaders for Interstellar Star School: The Opening of the Gate – including an interview with legendary Barbara Hand Clow to discuss the potency of the current astrological climate.

  1. PARADOX POWER Full Moon in Gemini Lunar Eclipse Global Meditation
  2. MILKY WAY MOMENTUM: Join Guru Jagat for a deep cellular transformation
  3. VERTICAL SPIRALS LINKS: Increase your auric sensitivity and ability to receive star intelligence in this extended Kundalini yoga & meditation class with Guru Jagat.
  4. REALITY RIFFING: A Real Conversation On Current Events, Astrology, Psy-ops, The Eclipses & 2021. Guru Jagat featuring Ricky Williams,  Remington Donovan and The Peace Dealer.
  6. HARMONY & CONFLICT: Social Architecture and Astral Movements with Keon Dillon
  7. TRANSIT TRANSFORMATIONS: Evolutionary Astrology, The Eclipse and Vastu Cures
  8. ANDREA WRIGHT’S CRYSTALARIUM: Join Andrea Wright, founder of the Crystal Situation and The Crystal Curator, for crystal-vastu home tour & tutorial.
  9. NEW BANDS OF LIGHT: Join Guru Jagat for a class to seal the eclipse gate and  experience yourself as a multidimensional star-being.
  10. REALITY RIFFING: How the Planet Can Change with Guru Jagat x Barbara Hand Clow

Virtually on RA MA TV + Infinite Replay
Originally Presented November 29 – December 1, 2020

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Interstellar Star School: The Opening of the Gate
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