RA MA Crew Picks: Relay Arts, the Masculine and Feminine


These exclusive teachings on the Relay Arts, the Masculine and Feminine from Harijiwan & Guru Jagat provide a foundation for conscious relationships.

Over six workshop experiences, learn about the giver & taker dynamic, how to practice this high yoga of relay, and how to evolve consciously through your relationship with others.

  • Content: 6 Workshops,  11 Hours
    • Workshop 1: The Greatest Feminine Art
    • Workshop 2: When a Man Loves a Woman
    • Workshop 3: Exquisite Teachings
    • Workshop 4: Trust for the Sake of Trusting
    • Workshop 5: The Highest Yoga
    • Workshop 6: The Giver and the Taker

Videos are available to stream with no expiration.