Prosperity Patterns Digital Bundle


In the vast science of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, there are energetic laws and meditations given specifically to increase a person’s level of prosperity.

  • Learn the ancient yogic secrets of prosperity
  • Re-construct your auric field to hold the level of wealth and happiness that you desire
  • Explore and experience the realms of prosperity in specialized meditations
  • Learn how to maneuver and arrange the energetic and elemental currents to your favor
  • Receive tools that you can apply to any situation to make your life more prosperous.

“Cut a square diagonally, it makes two triangles. Cut bad luck with endurance, it will turn into prosperity. Any misfortune will become a source of prosperity, elevation, and ecstasy. It’s simple geometry.” — Yogi Bhajan

There are 4 Kundalini Yoga & Meditation sessions for 6 hours of programming.

Videos are available to stream with no expiration.
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