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Immense Grace Starter Pack



Immense Grace is a journey of a new definition, a new language, a new beingness, the new love, body, and expression of Woman in this oncoming Era of the Golden Consciousness of humanity. Enjoy three transformational workshops with Guru Jagat to jump-start your experience.

  • Get an introduction to the women’s teachings of Kundalini yoga, and practice a deep meditation that circulates majesty and prosperity.
  • Become the magnetic healer of your whole life: your immunity, your family, your relationship, and even your bank account. Activate your electric & genetic chi and accelerate your personal momentum.
  • Relationship is the highest yoga and ultimate shelter. In this workshop, heal you maternal and paternal patterns, learn how to navigate the world of internet dating, and quickly and easily magnetize more quality and caliber relationships.

* This video collection is streaming only and has no expiration; the videos are not available for download.

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Immense Grace Starter Pack
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