Love, Passion, Communication, Flow


Immense Grace Reflection Arts Presents
A Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Workshop with Guru Jagat
from the Sex, Love & Relationships Immersion

“Sex — When 2 incredible open auric fields come together in a harmonic experience, an enlightenment experience.”

In this workshop:

  • Enjoy a down to earth, real-talk on sex 
  • See sex as an opportunity for longevity
  • Heavy duty clearing of stress, sexual imbalances, trauma, etc.
  • Understand a key concept for successful relationships — in a Giver Taker lecture with Harijiwan

Originally Presented on a Full Moon in Leo, February 9, 2020
at Temescal Canyon Park

Virtually on RA MA TV + Infinite Replay

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Love, Passion, Communication, Flow
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