Reflection Arts: Sex, Love & Relationships Immersion


Immense Grace Presents:
Reflection Arts: Sex, Love & Relationships Immersion with Guru Jagat

Create depth, add more excitement and authenticity, and set a rock-solid foundation for you to live a satisfying life. Learn how to turn your energy into devotion, and make every relational experience more FUN and fulfilling.

Originally presented in February 2020, this immersion contains over 20 hours of programming including Kundalini Yoga, Somatic Breath practices, Lecture & Discussion with incredible teachers such as Guru Jagat, Harijiwan, and Londin Angel Winters.

  • Content: 15 Workshops,  25 Hours
    • Workshop 1: Love is a Pin
    • Workshop 2: Conscious Relay
    • Workshop 3: Hula Dance and Somatic Workshop
    • Workshop 4: Men’s Hula Dance Practice
    • Workshop 5: Embodied Energy
    • Workshop 6: Positive People
    • Workshop 7: Laws of Nature
    • Workshop 8: Somatic Breathwork
    • Workshop 9: The Giver and the Taker
    • Workshop 10: Endurance to Infinity
    • Workshop 11: Conversation with Londin Angel Winters and Justin Patrick Pearce
    • Workshop 12: Somatic Healing
    • Workshop 13: Subtle Sensitizing
    • Workshop 14: Love Your Superstructure

Videos are available to stream with no expiration.  Participants of Immense Grace 2019-2020 have access to this course as part of their membership.

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Reflection Arts: Sex, Love & Relationships Immersion
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