Architects of Sound: Ajai Alai


In 2014, Guru Jagat launched the Architects of Sound series to delve into the magic and mysteries of the mantras and sound currents used in Kundalini Yoga and meditation. Over multiple class sessions, students gained an enriching experience of the magnetic power of these sounds.

Ajai Alai mantra works on the Radiant Body and lifts and expands from depression and anger towards a higher expression of being. It is protective and helps you regain your inner power and strength.

This dynamic and informative class series delves into “sound science” and is a wonderful opportunity to engage with the Ajai Alai mantra.

Architects of Sound: Ajai Alai was taught by Guru Jagat over 8 sessions in February 2015.  There are 12 hours of programming including a Full Moon in Leo 2-hour workshop.

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