Mind, Body, Spirit: Holiday Healing Bundle


Kundalini Yoga offers many tools for healing the body, mind and spirit. This selection of classes taught by Shabadpreet activate your own healing energy to create transformation from the inside out.


  • The Privilege of Healing (2015)
  • Inner Mouth Massage (The Healing School Self-Healing Technologies, 2019)
  • Activate Your Inherent Healing Power (2021)
  • Hormones & Health (Immense Grace MA Force, 2022)
  • Trinity Consciousness (Camp Grace: Subtle Body, 2022)

Shabadpreet is a trained dancer, with deep knowledge of the physical body, therapeutic techniques, Ayurveda and other healing modalities. She brings this experience to the yogic technology for an amplified healing experience to all students.

There are 5 Kundalini Yoga & Meditation sessions for 8 hours of programming.


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