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Love is the most meaningful and compelling human drive. Deep and successful relationships are the fulcrum around which a fulfilling life turns. Learn and experience sophisticated yogic techniques to foster the passionate, deep, and fulfilling relationships you desire and deserve to have. Whether you’re looking to attract the ideal partner, enhance your current relationships, or just feel the call that you can show up more open-heartedly, receptively, and generously, these yogic teachings, wisdom, and practices will kick-start your expansion.

Love: A powerful force

Relay Arts: Experience Higher Love

Love is the most powerful force on the planet. Uncover the power within you to raise any relationship into expansive love, and completely transform the way you experience your existence. Expanding your perception, capacity, and relay with love sets you on a rapid path toward evolution, growth, transformation, and deep fulfillment.

The great yoga of all

Upgrade Your Sex, Love, & Relationships

The great yoga of all is relationships. Through Venus Kriyas, Partner Psyche Mirror Meditations, and illuminating yogic wisdom, completely uplift & reignite the passion in your relationships. Create the kind of relationship you are desiring…and deserve. It’s possible.

The Frequency of Love

The Relationship of Love with Mandev

There are two frequencies that rule the planet, we know them as fear and love. Experience your love. Open the doors to another dimension of reality & walk through the world in love. Love yourself and love others.

Giving & Taking

Relay Arts, the Masculine and Feminine

Form a foundation for conscious, high-vibe, fulfilling relationships. Learn about the giver & taker dynamic, how to practice this high yoga of relay, and how to evolve consciously through your relationship with others.

your Soul’s Mission

Twin Violet Flame

Angelic & Ascended Master Sacred Relationship Technologies with Guru Jagat & Isabelle Von Fallois

Activate your soul’s mission to be in union. Merge deeper into harmonious activation of current relations or magnetically activating higher caliber relationship experiences on a soul level.

Auric fields

Love, Passion, Communication, Flow

Harmonious your auric fields for elevation. Clear stress & imbalances to make space for more pleasure and enjoyment. Explore giver taker teachings, and get real about how to upgrade your relationship experience.

The power of love

Ambassador of Love with Shaman Durek

Accelerate your evolution. Accelerate your power of love. Dive deep into the transformative power of love for yourself, other people, the earth, and spirit. Because in everyone, there is a shaman inside waiting to bring forth its medicine.

The frequency of the new temple

Blue Syrian Vortice: Supra-Love Patterns

Hold new patterns of high-frequency LOVE. Hyperlink to the Blue Syrian 6th dimensional frequencies of supra-love. This is where we become the sacred temples of these geomantic technologies, which are holding the frequency of the new temple of love & consciousness.

The stone of Pure Love

Rose Quartz Sphere

Soothe your emotions, heal the heart, & open the auric field to give and receive REAL love fully.

Beam love from the inside out

Absolute Beauty by Dr. Pratima Raichur

Hailed as the pioneering Ayurvedic beauty book, Dr. Pratima Raichur’s best-selling text offers an in-depth reflection on living holistically within the wisdom of this ancient science.

Graceful & yet remarkably playful

Erotic Love Poems from India: 101 Classics on Desire and Passion

This intensely passionate, and at times hinting of divine transcendence, book of poetry offers poignant glimpses into the many faces of erotic love.

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Love & Relationships

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Love & Relationships

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