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Absolute Beauty


Absolute Beauty by Dr. Pratima Raichur

Hailed as the pioneering Ayurvedic beauty book, Dr. Pratima Raichur’s best-selling text offers an in-depth reflection on living holistically within the wisdom of this ancient science.

Dr. Raichur, an Ayurvedic physician, chemist, botanist, and doctor of naturopathy, explains how the external skin tissue is a physical reflection of everything that happens within the body: the way we eat and breathe, as well as the thoughts and emotions that fill our minds and color our spirit. Absolute Beauty offers readers:

  • A dosha quiz to determine the mind-body type
  • Customized skin care recommendations for each dosha
  • Natural remedies and advice for chronic skin problems
  • Essential nutritional information
  • Daily routines to balance the doshas
  • Detoxifying rituals for the body and mind
  • Light, color, and sound therapy


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