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Health and beauty starts with feeling good on the INSIDE. Adorn yourself with high-vibrational products that flood your system with natural ingredients and adaptogens, and practice Kundalini Yoga & Meditation for a radiant glow (to be practiced before or after you put on your face oil).

Beauty, Magnetism & Radiance

Glow from the inside out with Guru Jagat, Mandev, & Pritam Siri

the fountain of youth

Bound Lotus for Eternal Youth

Discover the restorative posture that is a yogic secret to eternal youth. This practice connects you to your infinity and is said to heal just about anything.

Nam Satya

Activate Radiance

Ultimate Yogic Beauty Secrets: Your Self Concept

Deconstruct beauty norms. Activate your brightest radiance. Experience the alchemy of ancient yogic practices and secrets for radiance, longevity, and vitality for all parts of the body and mind.

Press the reset button

the ra ma reset cleanse

This is a cleanse for the Mind, Body, & Soul. Featuring a full cleanse guide, genttle dietary protocol, & detoxifying Kundalini Yoga. A gift to all 10 bodies.

next level healing

Quantum Body Technology

For the spiritual & wellness nerd in your life. Learn self-healing, Chi renewal, the science of prayer, Reiki, Flower Essence, Homeopathy, Herbal infusions, & more.

Radiant Glow

Power of Breath: A 2-Part Series with Mandev

The more prana (breath) that flows through your system, the more health, success, and happiness you can hold. Plus, you’ll get a radiant glow like no other. Give your system a major pranic boost and prepare to experience new heights through the end of 2023 into 2024.

Activate your healing energy

Mind, Body, Spirit: Holiday Healing Bundle

Kundalini Yoga offers many tools for healing the body, mind, and spirit. This selection of classes taught by Shabadpreet activates your own healing energy to create transformation from the inside out.

balance wherever you need it most

Immortality Powder

7 Medicinal Mushrooms adapt to your system to boost immunity, aid in adrenal recovery, balance the hormones, and provide overall balance wherever you need it most.

Feel truly royal

Wild Grace Cleansing Oil

This luscious blend of cleansing, purifying, and nourishing oils macerated with organic calendula and rose flowers. Feel truly royal with its velvety texture and luxurious scent.

delectable beauty

RA MA Bois de Santal

Organic sweet almond oil meets exquisite Sandalwood essential oil. Revitalize, energize, balance, and experience an overall feeling of delectable beauty.

Heavenly Bliss

Savasana Body Oil

Hydrating oils combined with vitamin E, Arnica, and Calendula leave your skin silky smooth. Ylang Ylang works to balance your skin’s natural moisture, while lavender and vetiver provide a heavenly scent that sweeps the senses into aromatic bliss.

Glow from the inside out and attract what your soul most deeply desires. Amplify the radiant body and see yourself shin in this curated experience of yogic practice.

In Harmony

11:11 Super Multi-Mushroom Synergy

Your new favorite mushroom multi-vitamin to support a high-vibrational body.

enhanced intuition

Calm Tea

A relaxed system can hold more happiness, more joy, and more clarity. Take a deep breath and cozy up with a warm cup of delicious, stress-relieving herbs.

total mind & body support

Full Moon Adaptogen Sachets

Spice up your tea, coffee, or hot cocoa with adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms for total mind and body support.

Ultimate beauty

Breathe In: Luminosity Balm

Ultimate beauty in one jar, this beauty balm strengthens, renews, and moisturizes your skin with beeswax, jojoba, and apricot kernel oils, and a blend of seven organic essential oils including Vetiver and Frankincense.

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The Gift of
Guru Jagat

Give the timeless, inspiring Energy & Wisdom.

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& Vitality

Be your best
and do your best.

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Fit & Radiant

Head into 2024 with new levels of self-love.

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Love & Relationships

Get real about fulfilling love.

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Under $100

For that intentional

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& Beauty

Tap into
your potential.

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Shop these picks for instant space-elevation.

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The gifts
that keep giving.

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for her

For a woman you love.

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