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It takes not only a strong mind, but a strong physical body to magnetize and hold more wealth, bigger opportunities, healthy relationships, and new levels of self-love. In these experiences, work your full mind-body system so you can head into 2024 radiant and ready.

Purify your System

The RA MA Reset Cleanse with Mandev

Reset and purify your entire bio-energetic system using mineralizing bath recipes and renewing Kundalini Yoga techniques. Enjoy this physically renewing, mind balancing, tattva harmonizing, chakra healing, nervous system strengthening, sensory system enhancing, soul-downloading experience.

Magnetism & Courage

Auric Wealth with Pritam Siri

Remove prosperity blocks, increase your magnetism, and project what you want with courage from the heart.

Your brightest glow

The One-Day Cleanse with Gurujas

Restore your system to its optimal functioning and bring forward the essence of you. Embody your brightest glow into the holiday season and beyond.

Yogic tech

Quantum Body Technology with Guru Jagat & Guests

Enter the quantum field of healing. Experience yogic tech for cellular restoration, healing sound codes, and a total of 13 sessions with Guru Jagat and special guests. Learn self-healing, Chi renewal, the science of prayer, Reiki, Flower Essence, Homeopathy, Herbal infusions

I Wish You 10,000 Years of Joy

Workshop with Guru Jagat

Wherever your negativity has been lingering, wherever your lack of compassion, wherever your unforgiveness for yourself or for others and situations, wherever your “against-ness” has been lingering — you can install a new mindstream. Develop mental, emotional, psychological, physical, and subtle agility in this workshop with Guru Jagat.


Future of Fitness: Ultimate Output

Future of Fitness is a new way to workout that moves ALL of you—aka your whole mental, physical & emotional anatomy. This is your one-stop-shop for all your transcendental fitness needs. Dive into all three Future of Fitness series here in this one, all-encompassing bundle.

Invigorating Kundalini

Ten Body Fitness: Digital Bundle

Practice 4 invigorating Kundalini Yoga sets that will make you sweat, cleanse your system, and energize and balance ALL 10 of your bodies. You will feel completely physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually refreshed.

Soft & Stretchy

De Uria Comfort Bra

The brand-new comfort bra by De Uria is lightweight, soft, and stretchy, providing excellent support, ensuring that you can move with ease during even the most intense sessions.

Coverage & Support

DeUria High-Waisted Leggings

The high waistband legging design not only flatters your figure but also provides extra coverage and support for your core. Fashion meets function in this chic upcycled legging.

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Love & Relationships

Get real
about fulfilling love.

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Wealth &

Your year to create something new.

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Get back
to the basics.

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Become a Trailblazer

Create a
magical reality with Guru Jagat.

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New Wisdom, New Possibilities

Expand your wisdom
and grow.

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Love & Relationships

Kick-start your expansion.

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& Vitality

Be your best
and do your best.

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The Gift of
Guru Jagat

Create your legacy.

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Fit & Radiant

Head into 2024 with new levels of self-love.

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Under $100

For that intentional

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& Beauty

Tap into
your potential.

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Shop these picks for instant space-elevation.

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The gifts
that keep giving.

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for her

For a woman you love.

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