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Take your 2024 visions and turn them into your reality. Through radiant body activations, nervous system strengthening yoga, and yogic prosperity hacks, make this your most prosperous year yet. This is YOUR year to create something new – this curated collection of workshops and experiences will guide you to a new way of living, thinking, and being.

Rewrite your Success codes

Beaming a New Future with Pritam Siri

Clear out the past and make way for monumental transformation. Rewrite your success codes.

Set your Energetic Imprint

Triple Royal Rebirth with Guru Jagat

Set your most powerful energetic imprint for 2024 in this New Year’s immersion with Guru Jagat. Clarify your own inner vision and hold a new, higher vibrational reality.

Reach Sacred Realms

New Moon Nidra: Creative Visionary Portal with Artist Kim Krans

Enter the liminal realms with visionary artist Kim Krans. Experience the sacred realms of Yoga Nidra – the threshold between waking and dreaming.

Open your Heart Center

Rewrite Your Destiny with Gurujas

Every move that you make in your consciousness reverberates in the planetary consciousness. In this workshop, open your heart center and rewrite your destiny. Beam into what you’re here to do on the planet.

Command and Flow

Subtle Body Success Secrets with Desirée Pais

Each of us contains the ability to unlock our highest, most radiant success. In this 3-part series, refine your intuition, command a flow of success, and invoke the wealth of the universe.

Expand your self-compassion and trust

The Magus Portal with Siri Rishi

Kundalini Yoga gives us the technology to make the impossible possible. In this 7-part series, develop nerves of steel as you soften your heart. Receive and sustain all of that you’re creating. Expand your self-compassion and trust that you are divinely chosen in your mission and your purpose.

Aura Upgrade

Mega-Blast of Prosperity

Completely change the flow of prosperity through your system. Strengthen your aura, upgrade your thought stream, and expand into a new realm of prosperity.

Higher state

Higher Frequency Success with Pritam Siri

Increase your intuition. Develop mental agility. Hold higher states of enjoyment. This is success in the Aquarian Age.

Be a Leader

Leadership in the Technological Age

Patience, perseverance, and endurance are what it takes to leave a lasting legacy. In this workshop, gain the capacity to maneuver changing times and be a leader in the new age.

success codes

prosperity patterns with mandev

In the vast science of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, there are energetic laws and meditations given specifically to increase a person’s level of prosperity. Discover & apply them today.

Make this the Best Year Yet

Whatever your intention is, we have you covered. Shop our favorite picks to get your year off to a momentous start.

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