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Get back to the basics. Whether you’re just starting your Kundalini Yoga journey, or you’re a seasoned practitioner, these experiences will take you deep into the roots and foundational elements of the practice including mantra, breath, mudra, and movement.



Your on-the-go library with thousands of Kundalini Yoga classes, astrological downloads, and sound healing sessions with the best teachers in the world. With new content added daily.

Deepen your Experience

Beginning Kundalini Yoga: A 5 Part Series with Mandev

In this 5-part series, introduce yourself to the basics of Kundalini Yoga. Deepen your experience of the fundamental practice and key concepts, or go deeper in your existing practice.

Fundamental practice

Kundalini 101

Let’s get back to basics. Whether you’re just starting out or have a steady practice, these 4 fundamental practices are ideal for anyone looking to upgrade their everyday life.

Follow your Intuition

Immense Grace Presents: Intuition

with Harijiwan, Mandev, & Shabadpreet

Let your intuition lead the way. Re-arrange your subconscious thoughts and connect to the ever-flowing spirit to navigate your life from an elevated space.

Go ahead and breathe

Power of Breath: A 2-Part Series with Mandev

Discover the power of breath with Mandev. Practice a variety of Pranayams; whether you want to experience a kundalini rising, heal, clear brain fog, release blocks, energize, or relax— there is a breath for it.

Let your energy flow

Yogic Science Academy: The Bandhas with Guru Jagat

Learn the fundamental teachings of the Bandhas – the sacred yogic locks that, when worked with correctly, have the power to unblock your chakras and allow your energy to flow unimpeded.


Immunity Boosting Bundle with Guru Jagat

This high-grade collection of breath, movement & meditation practices will increase your strength & vitality. Here, you’ll neutralize toxins, stop infection in its tracks & refill your body’s deficiencies, strengthening it day after day. And—most importantly—boost your neurochemistry & strengthen your nervous system to stay cool, calm, and collected in times of great change.

Awaken your Soul

Architects of Sound: Sat Nam with Guru Jagat

Sat Nam is a fundamental and foundational sound current, perhaps the most widely used mantra in Kundalini. It is a seed mantra, it awakens the soul, gives you destiny, and balances the five elements (tattvas). Dive into Architects of Sound with the mantra, Sat Nam, with Guru Jagat over 7 Kundalini Yoga & Meditation sessions for 10 hours of programming.

New Year's Sale

From creating a cozy meditative space to planning your Kundalini Yoga class, shop the Yogi Essentials for your ultimate meditative experience.

Make this the Best Year Yet

Whatever your intention is, we have you covered. Shop our favorite picks to get your year off to a momentous start.

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