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Power of Breath: A 2-Part Series with Mandev


Inside of your breath is everything.

All of the wisdom. All of the answers. Your essence is inside of your breath—that is the power of breath.

Discover the power of breath with Mandev. Practice a variety of Pranayams; whether you want to experience a kundalini rising, heal, clear brain fog, release blocks, energize, or relax— there is a breath for it.

In this series, you will…

  • Learn the basics of breath— how to breathe properly, the fundamental breaths in Kundalini Yoga, and how your breath is connected to your entire energetic system
  • Discover why breath is a key aspect of Kundalini Yoga Experience the practical and mystical nature of breath
  • Deep dive into breath of fire, O-mouth breath, segmented breath, and more of the core Kundalini Yoga pranayams
  • Learn how your breath decides how much wealth, joy, love, and energy you can hold—and how to expand this capacity

Originally Presented October 2023
Virtually on RA MA TV + Infinite Replay

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Power of Breath: A 2-Part Series with Mandev
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