RA MA Business School: Neurology of a Trailblazer (Semester 1)


Deconstructing the Cosmic Laws of Success and Radiant Body Technology For Explosive and Consistent Success In The Aquarian Age
with Guru Jagat + Special Guests

RA MA Business School is designed to take someone who’s hit a success barrier to a level of legacy, fulfillment, and true success.

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Create or re-create a profitable, values-driven business model in the Aquarian Age
  • Use unique frameworks to increase your specialization (read: become an expert)
  • Generate goodwill, grassroots prosperity, and repeat business
  • Build out identity profiles for a successful self-concept 
  • Master the arts and sciences of communication and connect with an increasingly sophisticated audience
  • and much much more

“If you understand what I’m going to explain to you, you will understand that the cycle of success is a very cosmic theory.”

Originally presented in April 2019 from RA MA Institute Venice, this course was taught over 4 days by Guru Jagat, Harijiwan, Tej, and Gurujas.
All videos are available to stream with unlimited replay.
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RA MA Business School: Neurology of a Trailblazer (Semester 1)
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