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Where radiance begins

Radiant Body Reboot

For that “can’t-look-away” magnetic quality. These three practices with Guru Jagat stimulate the glands to radiate more energy, while strengthening the nerves to hold more wattage.

Get your Chi on

Future of Fitness: Maximum Potential

This 45-minute high octane Kundalini Yoga session with Guru Jagat will will get your heart rate up, flush your glandular system, and give you the chi to get where you want to go.

Inside of your breath is everything.


All of the wisdom. All of the answers. Your essence is inside of your breath—that is the power of breath.

The Yoga Glow


Practice Kundalini Yoga daily to experience the profound health, vitality, and glow that comes from a thriving glandular, nervous & 10-Body system.

State of Clarity

Balanced Body Balanced Mind

The women’s system, when balanced, is vibrating from a foundational operating state of clarity, power, happiness, and compassion. Returnin to and maintain this innate and high-vibrational state of being with Harijiwan, Mandev, Gurujas, & Shabadpreet.



From rising until resting, you will follow a simple protocol for nourishment, leading your system to restore healing, optimal functioning, and ten body radiance.

The Gift of Water

Deep Subconscious Healing With The Power of Water with tej

Water is a gift from the Universe that can make us Crystal Clear. Water can soothe and calm, and Water keeps us alive. Water keeps all levels equal, so neurosis and wisdom will come into equilibrium. Water Rinses Everything Clean.

Experience Deep Healing

The Healing School with Guru Jagat, Tej, and Guests

Sourced from the groundbreaking teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, this course includes energy amplification technologies, healing food combinations, a sophisticated scope of the healing process of the body, powerful mantras, mudras, meditations, integrated Western sciences, and more.

shamanic dance and meditation with Shaman Durek

Clear. Cleanse. Connect.


In this workshop with Shaman Durek, connect with the element of air and utilize it to cleanse, direct energy, and change states.

The power of self-love

Cycle Sciences: How to Nurture the Body & Psyche Through All Ages

Understand the wisdom and rhythm behind the natural cycles of a woman in this course with Mandev, Shabadpreet, & Harijiwan. This understanding is key to embracing your power and blossoming into your greatest potential.

Game-changing immunity technologies

Immunity Boosting Bundle

Neutralize toxins, stop infection in its tracks & refill your body’s deficiencies, strengthening it day after day. And—most importantly—boost your neurochemistry & strengthen your nervous system to stay cool, calm & collected through all changes in this bundle with Guru Jagat.

Make this the Best Year Yet

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