Triple Royal Rebirth


An intention-setting Vision Quest with Guru Jagat

Triple Royal Rebirth with Guru Jagat is an opportunity to set a most powerful physical and energetic imprint for the times to come.  In these sessions, you will experience Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Visioning exercises, Discussion and more. Use the tools to release what is not serving you and to hold a new, higher vibration for our most potent personal and collective destinies. This important time calls for your own clarity of mind and inner vision.

Over 12 hours of programming with Guru Jagat


  1. Resurrecting the Future
  2. Engineer Your Highest Destiny
  3. Visionary Reality
  4. Calculation and Command
  5. Etheric Blueprint

Originally presented January 2-3, 2021
Virtually on RA MA TV + Infinite Replay
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Triple Royal Rebirth
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