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Destiny Enhancement with Tej


RA MA Business School Presents: Destiny Enhancement

“Either you obey what is written on your forehead or you write what you want on your forehead. You decide.” – Yogi Bhajan
Rewriting what is written on the forehead for Our Journey Towards Success.

A Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Workshop with Tej

Tej Kaur Khalsa has been a student of Yogi Bhajan since the early 1970’s. She is the Custodian of the Archives of the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, and is a recognized authority on the Yogic Knowledge. She has been involved in numerous Yogi Bhajan publications as transcriber, editor, and compiler including the Woman’s Camp Series, “72 Stories of God, Good and Goods,” and “The Master’s Touch.”

She holds a Masters Degree in Counseling, and for many years worked on Yogi Bhajan’s correspondence, receiving extensive training from him on yogic counseling.

Her classes are occasions to enjoy deep meditative experiences and to learn vast amounts of yogic knowledge.

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Destiny Enhancement with Tej
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