I Am The Master of This Space


Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with Guru Jagat on the Auspicious Birthday of Yogi Bhajan

As the subtle body of great masters fades in the mists between dimensions, the choice now becomes: how & if you are going to be a carrier of these frequencies & technologies in this next 5,000 year cycle on Earth.

It’s going to take a population that has sovereignty of mind, strength of nervous system, clarity of mind, brain chemistry & blood chemistry that’s efficient & effective, an immune system that is highly optimized, the ability to look into subconscious mind patterns and change them if you choose to. 

Those people are going to be the carriers of the new age.

Ask yourself how you want to apply these incredible gifts in your life, and then how you want to share that energy with the world. That’s what starts to get you into the Bodhisattvic Frequency — am I doing something that is going to be for the benefit of all? 

Originally Presented on August 26, 2020
at RA MA Yoga Institute for Applied Yogic Science & Technology

Virtually on RA MA TV + Infinite Replay

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I Am The Master of This Space
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