A Pathway To The Throne


3-hour Immersion/Wokeshop

Shamanic teaching and wisdom to guide you to the center of love, and finding emerging pathways that lead to your throne.

Many of us spend too much time in other people’s worlds, in other people’s ideas, rules or kingdoms. We tiptoe around our own thrones, dance around our thrones, or the throne is completely out of view. We reject our thrones based on the false belief that someone is going to judge it, limit it, control it, suppress/oppress it, or put it down. Insecurity and fears have distracted us from the truth of who we are; leading to anxiety, stress, codependence, or holding back certain parts of our emotions and goals.

This wokeshop is about breaking free from the chains of slavery, coming fully into your autonomy, thus claiming your rightful throne. As ruler of your kingdom, you will discover a place of limitless personal power, intense sensations of love, happiness, and creativity; which will begin to shine brightly through your being.

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