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Guru Jagat, the late founder of RA MA and Queen of Creation Culture, shared her timeless, inspiring energy, wisdom, and beauty through her legacy left at RA MA. Shop her clothing collection, favorite items, and workshops, courses, and virtual experiences filled with infinite treasures of wisdom and energy to help you transform for the better and create the most beautiful version of you.

Endless Edgy Wisdom

The Golden Archives on

Tune into 100s of classes with the founder of RA MA, Guru Jagat, to absorb incredible, eccentric wisdom and be uplifted by her infectious, destiny-driven energy. The Golden Archives on RA MA TV hold almost a decade worth of classes for you to dive into and receive from.

Soul Activation

Twin Violet Flame: Angelic & Ascended Master Sacred Relationship Technologies

Are you calling in the one, or a soul-aligned relationship? In this day-long experience with Guru Jagat and Isabelle von Fallois, merge deeper into harmonious activation of current relations or magnetically activate higher caliber relationship experiences from the level of the soul.

Treasured & timeless

AWLS Gathering 2019 Bundle

Elevate every area of your life with treasured, timeless women’s wisdom and deep yogic practice from the one and only AWLS Gather with Guru Jagat. Experience 4 sessions with 8 hours of content from this 2019 retreat that took place in Upstate, New York.

Mega transformation

Aquarian Women’s Leadership Society

Guru Jagat’s legacy of women coming together in the movement of destiny-direction, personal-progress, & ultimate fulfillment lives on in AWLS. Join now and jump into mega transformation with women all over the world.

Rediscover the Sacred

Immense Grace Presents: Sacred Feminine Devotional Arts

Through the Sacred Feminine Devotional Arts, the opportunity to give one’s gifts becomes second nature. Reach into yourself and rediscover the artfulness of the sacred feminine. Experience Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Dharma study, Celestial Communication, a Gifting Ceremony, & more with Guru Jagat (+ a bonus of Giver/Taker teachings with Harijiwan).

Heavenly realms

Crystalline Unicorn Consciousness

Become the angel by upgrading your bio-rhythm in this etheric, 5D class with the mystical Guru Jagat. Enhance your crystalline grid. Make it more angelic, more sattvic, more full of light, more full of chi and learn to pull the etheric energies into the 3D. Focus on the things you want to activate and bring down from the heavenly realms.

The heart of your life

Solstice Hearth & Devotion Immersion

Your home is the heart of your life: it’s the integrated, energizing life force that drives everything you do. Explore rituals and technologies to enrich your everyday physical and mental spaces with the expert hearth-keeper herself, Guru Jagat.

Get your Chakras Firing

The Consciousness Of Chakras

When the chakra system is working, you become someone that people listen to, that people want to follow. When the system is operating at its highest function, you’ll start to be creative and productive in a way that you never knew possible. In this workshop with Guru Jagat, get your chakras firing to increase your capacity as a visionary and leader.

Astral Insight

Interstellar Star School: Origins

Guru Jagat was not just a creative and yogi, but an incredible astrologer. In this debut of Interstellar Star School, Guru Jagat presents Astrology for the Aquarian Age. The course explores planetary movements, transits, solar, lunar aspects, and how to read and interpret natal charts.

Achieve Creative Success

RA MA Business School: Business, Commerce, Creativity

Guru Jagat was a pioneer of Aquarian business, In this course, she leads a dynamic weekend program covering the insights and strategies you need to achieve creative success in the Aquarian Age, including focuses on creativity, branding, and the sound codes of prosperity.

Activate your Royal Energy

Cleopatra’s Kimono

Receive blessings from Ganesh – the remover of obstacles and bringer of good luck, intellect, and wisdom – wherever you go. This Limited Edition design by Guru Jagat is from her first collection. Activate your royal energy in this one of a kind Kimono. Wear it as a dress or over your favorite outfit. Designed, created & sewn by women & made of 100% Up-cycled cotton.

delicious comfort


The perfect fit for the women who does it all and doesn’t want to change in between. Softbosse brings together the potency of tailored lines, a high art collar, and pockets for days mashed up with delicious comfort and flow that makes for deep confidence and timeless style. Wrinkle & fancy-free as you throw it on after your morning practice goes late and head to your next big thing.

Sleek & functional

Modern Millennium

The easiest, most effortless chic outfit you’ll own. Sleek and functional, throw it on the floor or crumple it in a weekender bag, and whenever you’re ready to grab & go, this no wrinkle sophisticate of comfort has your back, literally.

Wildly cool & practical

Invincible Living by Guru Jagat

From the founder of RA MA, Guru Jagat, comes a wildly cool, practical, and beautifully illustrated guide for applying the simple and super-effective technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to everyday life. A fresh take on ancient wisdom— Invincible Living is a must-have, full of fast, effective tools for her to live a supercharged life.

A powerful teacher

Guru Jagat Altar Card

Guru Jagat was a celebrated and iconoclastic thought leader who forged a new path of modern wellness. She was a powerful teacher, initiator, guide, and inspiration for many of us. Keep her energy beaming on your altar with this timeless and powerful photo.

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